Clean Up (SMR)

This command is part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow


'Cleans up' broken arcs in Classic Tweens, by auto-keying every frame and snapping elements to their Magnet Targets (MT).

Suggested use

When we need to quickly and efficiently clean up a limb, broken during rotation.

Example: If an arm consists of 3 Symbols – upper arm, lower arm and hand – and each of these is placed on its own layer so that we can tween them using classic tweens, we face the following problem: when rotating the whole arm from the shoulder, the upper arm will move logically between the keys while the two 'children' will be tweened along straight paths, resulting in shortening of the limb and breaking of the joints. The only way of fixing this is to convert the frames in the middle of the tween to Keyframes and reposition the elements. In traditional Flash workflow we often need to do this manually for every frame of a tween.

Clean Up (SMR) automates the process:

  1. Select the Symbols that need clean up in the last key of the movement.
  2. Press Alt+Q
  3. Keys are created for every frame from right to left until the previous 'real' key is reached.
    Symbols are snapped into position and the automatic keys are marked with '//' so that they can be easily distinguished from the 'real' keys if the user needs to remove them, adjust their animation and create again.

Where does it work?

Timeline, Stage, one or more selected Symbols or Keyframes.

EDAP Tools v.3 shortcut



Command only works with Smart Magnet Rigs

Important! For best performance of Clean Up in CS versions of Flash use Action Script 2 as the export setting for your document's Publish Settings. If you need Action Script 3 for your final export you can temporarily switch to AS2 while using this command.
This is one of the many undocumented bugs and inconsistencies in Flash.
The performance gain from switching from AS3 to AS2 during Clean Up is huge (tens of times).


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