Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools for Windows and Mac

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EDAPT Setup Flash 8, CS all, CC all 480k CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Download Now
Flash Pro CC, CC14, CC15, Animate CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018 users, please, read these important notes!

Installation instructions as well as other technical information are available here.
The software can be used for commercial productions and projects.

Please note: To our users in 2018 we continue to recommend working with Flash Professional CS6 for character animation whenever possible. It is the most rigid, stable, bug-free and best performing version to date.

If you find EDAP Tools useful, post about us and let others learn about this project.
If you would like to support the project financially, please consider making a donation.

Sample Files

File Works with Size License Download
EDAPT Smart Magnet Bot Rig.fla Flash 8 and above 630k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT KineFox Smart Magnet Rig.fla Flash 8 and above 430k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Movie Template Flash 8 and above 1700k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Storyboard Template.fla Flash 8 and above 488k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Storyboard Template to Animatic.fla Flash 8 and above 458k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Storyboard Template - Print Sample.pdf PDF viewer 942k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now

The character Flash builds above are designed to be used for test or educational purposes only.
Selling them or using them in commercial projects is strictly prohibited.


You're the best! Perfect Tools. Thanks!

I was using your tools and was so happy about them!
Unfortunately in the latest Prerelease build CC19 (build M9) some of them stopped working. One important tool is Timeline Block To Symbol, which now just crashes Animate… Is there any chance there will be an update for this?

Hello Danas!

Glad to hear you like the tools!

It will be rushed and premature to try to write fixes before Adobe have a stable release of CC19.
These pre-release builds are not even alpha and they keep fiddling with all kinds of things all of the time, breaking transformation matrices, etc.

You may also realise that none of the CC19 new functionality (layer parenting, tagged swatches) is available to control via the API. We have tried to speak about this with the dev team in Bangalore with no results for now.

Best regards!

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