EDAP Tools in Adobe Animate 2020

We have just updated the installer of EDAP Tools v.5 to address a couple of small issues with the newly released Adobe Animate 2020.

All users who upgraded to AA 2020 should download the most recent version of EDAP Tools from the Downloads page.

The toolbar in Animate is now customizable and after installing EDAP Tools, users will need to click on the 3 dots at the bottom of the toolbar, find KineFlex and drag it from the pool of tools to the active toolbar to make it visible.

The procedure is shown in this short video.

Known Issues

With Animate 2020 Adobe broke how text in dialogs is displayed, which results in many of EDAP Tools messages to be clipped and incomplete.
This is a serious bug and needs to be fixed by Adobe in a future release. We can do nothing about it other than reporting it to them.

When using EDAP Tools v.5 in Animate 2020, if you come across unexpected behavior, please, post below or report it via the established channels.


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