EDAPT Control Panel


Allows customization of some settings and managing the number of active EDAPT Commands.
EDAP Tools can be uninstalled from EDAPT Control Panel.

Layer Outline Colors

5 Light and 5 Dark colors can be chosen for the Layer Color outline mode commands. Default values can be restored by pressing the dedicated button.
Force Outline when setting the Layer Color triggers outline mode for the selected layer at the same time if checked.

Convert To Keyframe Advanced

Three self-explanatory settings to activate or deactivate for the X and Alt+X commands.
Text input field allowing customization of the string that protects layer(s) from keys being created in them.

Smart Magnet Range

Numerical value (pixels) for the radius in which Smart Magnet Joint will look for the nearest Magnet Target if the elements are not a part of a Smart Magnet Rig. Default value is 50.

Two check-boxes that control the visibility of MT and CM layers upon initial creation. Visibility of layers does not affect functionality. CMs and MTs are only visible in Outline Mode because they are fully transparent (invisible) objects.

Enter Or Punch Current Frame

Text input field allowing customization of the string that protects layer(s) from being punched.

Uninstall EDAPT

Pressing this button will trigger the process of uninstalling EDAP Tools. A message will appear and after a confirmation the package will be removed. Flash may need to be restarted.

Manage Commands…

Pressing the button opens a dialog which allows the users to remove or bring back previously removed EDAPT commands from the Commands menu. Flash must be restarted after commands are removed or added.

EDAP Tools v.3 shortcut


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