EDAPT Rabbit - a SMR organic character rig (free download)

We are looking for a name for our rabbit!
Ideally it should be as fitting as KineFox is for our free downloadable fox character rig. If you have any good ideas, please, post in the comments below!

EDAPT Rabbit is an organic-looking character, with functional joints, based on overlapping circles.
A fully functional Smart Magnet Rig ™, EDAPT Rabbit is suitable for testing KineFlex, Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint, Clean Up, Smart Graphic Control and all other features and tools in the EDAPT package.

We have documented the process of creation of EDAPT Rabbit in this step-by-step guide to character rigging for Flash animation.

Download EDAPT Rabbit SMR Rig from the Downloads page

The file is Macromedia Flash 8 compatible and can be used in any version of Flash and Animate newer than Flash 8.
EDAPT Rabbit is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.

Alongside KineFox, it can be used for any personal non-commercial work and purposes, school and university projects, animation tests and to learn how to create your own Smart Magnet Rigs.
Using it for commercial (for profit) projects and selling it is strictly prohibited.

Download EDAPT Rabbit SMR Rig from the Downloads page

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