Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions.
Please, have a look here first and if your question is not answered below, head over to the Q and A section or send us an email.

Q: What are EDAP Tools?
A: Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools, EDAP Tools or just EDAPT is a free extension package for Flash / Animate which addresses some of the program's most severe deficiencies when used as an environment for character animation.

Q: Can I use EDAP Tools to produce professional commercial animation?
A: Absolutely! EDAP Tools are designed to be used mostly by animation professionals.

Q: I have basic knowledge of Flash / Animate, but now want to venture into character animation. I have seen a lot of contradicting information about this online. How should I organize my files?
A: There are different ways of achieving similar results in Flash. Unfortunately there is also a lot of incompetent advice and misleading information floating around.
We have tried to describe the process in its entirety in this foundational article.

Q: What are Smart Magnet Rigs?
A: Smart Magnet Rigs ™ are a powerful enhancement of the Classic Tween workflow in Flash.
It is very easy to turn your existing Flash character builds into Smart Magnet Rigs. Doing so gives you access to powerful and refined tools such as Smart Transform, KineFlex and Smart Magnet Joint.
Here is a link to our overview of Smart Magnet Rigs and several video demonstrations which will get you going.

Q: What is KineFlex?
A: KineFlex is our revolutionary on-the-fly skeletal system which uses Smart Magnet Rig metadata to allow an animator-friendly implementation of a Forward Kinematic system, with bones that exist only during the current transformation and do not impose any rigidity or structural changes to the Classic Tween approach.

Q: How to make my own fully edaptable character?
A: The best place to start would be our step-by-step guide to character rigging and to download KineFox and Smart Magnet Bot and study how they are put together.
You should also read the articles on Classic Tween workflow and Smart Magnet Rigs.

Q: What does edaptable mean?
A: 'Edaptable' means that it is ready to be turned into a Smart Magnet Rig ™ with properly positioned Reg points and functional joints to take full advantage of our refined posing and animation tools such as KineFlex, Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint, Clean Up and Smart Graphic Control.

Q: What does each of the tools do?
A: There are help entries with full description and video demonstrations for each of the tools at this link.

Q: How to install EDAP Tools?
A: Download the latest version of EDAPT and follow the 3-step procedure described here.

Q: What are the EDAPT Shortcuts?
A: EDAPT Shortcuts are a part of the EDAP Tools package. They are specifically optimized for animators and animation designers.

Q: How can I support EDAP Tools?
A: You can make a donation and also you can post about us on social media.

Q: Can I become a contributor?
A: If you have an idea for a tutorial article or an EDAP Tools story, we'd love to hear from you.
If you already have a tutorial video showing how you use EDAP Tools in your work, we'd love to see it and share it with our users.
We also like to see animations that our users have made with EDAP Tools.
Send us a message!

Q: I have ideas for new tools. Are you interested?
A: Yes, we are always interested to hear what our users see as a common deficiency in Animate.
The general requirement for a new tool idea to be taken into consideration is that it should solve a common, reoccurring and broad enough problem which either slows down production or is impossible to solve with the default tools.
If you feel that your idea matches these criteria, send us an email.

Q: I just updated to Animate CC 2019 and suddenly my old Smart Magnet Rigs from CC 2018 stopped working.
What should I do?

A: It is a simple layer naming issue which can be fixed in a second. Please, read this article.

Q: I found a bug. How should I report it?
A: Please note, that the EDAP Tools team can support with bug fixes only the latest release.
Make sure the bug you have discovered appears in the latest release which is currently available for download.
If so, then file a bug report here, describing all the steps necessary to reproduce it.