Many of the commands below need a keyboard shortcut assigned to them. Only then they become a powerful seamless addition to an uninterrupted workflow. Our goal when designing the tools was to make them as invisible and unobtrusive as possible – an integral part of an uninterrupted animation process.

EDAP Tools come with the EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts set, which was carefully developed over the years. Because many of the standard Adobe keys were reassigned, it may require time until users get used to it. A full description of the shortcuts is available here and the EDAP Tools Shortcuts Map is available for quick access from within the package: Commands > 09 EDAPT Help > View Shortcuts Map.

EDAPT shortcuts are designed to work with standard English US keyboard layout.
Using other keyboard layouts (for example English UK) can result in broken shortcuts or unpredictable behavior.

Please note: The EDAP Tools team can only support with documentation and bugfixes the latest release. The instructions below are for v.3.5 of EDAP Tools. Previous releases had other methods of installation and deinstallation.

How to install and uninstall EDAP Tools v.3.5

Installing EDAP Tools is a three-click process:

  1. Download the latest build of EDAP Tools ( and unzip the compressed folder somewhere on your hard drive (for example the Desktop)
  2. Open the unzipped folder. Right-click on Install-Uninstall EDAPT.jsfl and from the context menu choose Open with Flash xx.
    Flash will start…
  3. When Flash loads an Install/Uninstall dialog box will appear.
    For Flash 8 only you need to browse and point to the folder called Source_Files inside the unzipped folder.
    In all other versions of Flash this first field will not appear.

    CC 2015 users will need to specify Flash or Animate from the Application drop down.

    Choose Install EDAP Tools and press OK.
    You will get a confirmation that files have been installed successfully.

  4. Restart Flash so that EDAP Tools can initialize.

Note: Make sure you really unzip. If you try to run the script out of a zipped folder you may get errors.
(An alternative install method is described in the How To Install.html inside the unzipped EDAP Tools folder.)

The commands will appear in the Commands menu.
Smart Magnet Rig panel will appear under Window > Other Panels > Smart Magnet Rig or Window > Extensions > Smart Magnet Rig, depending of Flash/Animate version.
You can switch to EDAPT Shortcuts by choosing:
- on Windows Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.
- on Mac Flash > Keyboard Shortcuts… and from the Current Set drop-down menu EDAPT Shortcuts.

If for some reason automatic installation fails, users can always install EDAP Tools manually, following the procedures described in this article.

Uninstalling EDAP Tools:

  • When Flash is closed, follow the same procedure as with Installation, but at Step 3 when the Install/Uninstall dialog appears choose Uninstall EDAP Tools and press OK.
    You will get a confirmation that files have been removed successfully.
  • When Flash is running you can uninstall EDAP Tools from EDAPT Control Panel.
    Go to Commands > EDAPT Control Panel or press Alt+F1.
    When EDAPT Control Panel appears, click on the Uninstall EDAPT button at the bottom left of the dialog box. Tools will be uninstalled and you may be prompted to restart Flash.

Removing individual Commands
Individual commands can be disabled (and enabled again) from EDAPT Control Panel – a part of the installed package, found under the Commands menu.

The tools have been designed to work together as a package. Deleting or renaming individual commands via Manage Saved Commands… will result in unpredictable behavior and loss of functionality.

If you would like to submit a bug report, a feature request or a general inquiry, please, click here.

The Commands

Click on the links below to view the help articles for each of the commands or panels.

Command / Panel EDAPT Shortcut
LB Enumeration
LB Rename Alt+ L
Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Shift+`(tilda/~ key) , Alt+`(tilda/~ key)
Set Reg Point To Transform Point Ctrl+T
Layer Color F5 , Alt+F5
Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle F3 , Alt+F3
Convert To Keyframe Advanced X , Alt+X
Enter Or Punch Current Frame F2 , Ctrl+F2 , Alt+F2
Next Frame In Symbol Or Next Keyframe Shift+. , Alt+.
Prev Frame In Symbol Or Prev Keyframe Shift+, , Alt+,
Sync Symbols To Timeline /(for­ward slash)
Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc)
Smart Transform (SMR) 1(for­ward) , Shift+1(inverse) , Alt+1(alternative)
Smart Transform Point CCW (SMR) 2(forward) , Alt+2(inverse)
Smart Transform Point CW (SMR) 3(forward) , Alt+ 3(inverse)
Clean Up (SMR) Alt+Q
Frames To Movieclips Alt+F8
Find And Replace Strokes
Effects Tween Ctrl+4(tween) , Shift+4(clear)
Stagger Tween
Swap Multiple Symbols
Timeline Block To Symbol Shift+F8
EDAPT Control Panel Alt+F1
Smart Magnet Rig panel
EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts

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