LB Rename


Renaming of multiple Library items in 3 different modes:

  • Adding of Prefix and/or Suffix to the names of Library items.
  • Trimming the names of Library items by a specified number of characters.
  • Finding and Replacing specific characters.

Suggested use

To quickly and easily rename multiple Library items.

Where does it work?

Library panel

EDAP Tools v.5 shortcut

Alt+ L

Known issues

Apply and Cancel buttons missing at the bottom of the dialog. This can happen on Mac OS if screen resolution is 1280×800. The vertical resolution is too small to fit in the whole dialog and the last section does not render. Dragging the dialog up will not resolve the issue due to a bug in how Flash / Animate create XUL dialogs.
Workaround: Increase screen resolution to at least 1440×900. You will then see the whole dialog.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.


This tool and enumerate does not seem to work on mac. The popup menus for both are broken since the "apply" and "cancel" button do not appear so the action can't be confirmed or cancelled.

Can you, please, be more specific about your OS, version of Flash/Animate, etc.
We have tested on High Sierra and Mojave and all tools work.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah I'll send over all that information as well as a screenshot to the info at flash-powertools dot com email.

I would send it here but I don't know how to send a screenshot here.

The tools are amazing by the way, you guys are awesome!

Thanks, mate!
Yes, an email with a screenshot would be most helpful to try and troubleshooot.

Nick helped me work through the problem and it's solved now.

Changing the resolution on the screen fixes the problem.

Thanks Nick!

Thank you for reporting this, Liam!

I have now added it as a 'known issue'.

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