Quick links to all help entries

This post is to serve as a list of all current EDAP Tools help entries.

Click on the name of any of the tools below to go directly to its description article and video demonstration.

Command / Panel EDAPT Shortcut
LB Enumeration
LB Rename Alt+ L
Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Shift+`(tilda/~ key) , Alt+`(tilda/~ key)
Set Reg Point To Transform Point Ctrl+T
KineFlex (SMR Tool) G , Alt+G
Layer Color F5 , Alt+F5
Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle F3 , Alt+F3
Convert To Keyframe Advanced X , Alt+X
Enter Or Punch Current Frame F2 , Ctrl+F2 , Alt+F2
Next Frame In Symbol Or Next Keyframe Shift+. , Alt+.
Prev Frame In Symbol Or Prev Keyframe Shift+, , Alt+,
Sync Symbols To Timeline /(for­ward slash)
Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) , Ctrl+`(inverse)
Smart Transform (SMR) 1(for­ward) , Shift+1(inverse) , Alt+1(alternative)
Smart Transform Point CCW (SMR) 2(forward) , Alt+2(inverse)
Smart Transform Point CW (SMR) 3(forward) , Alt+ 3(inverse)
Clean Up (SMR) Alt+Q
Frames To Movieclips Alt+F8
Find And Replace Strokes
Effects Tween Ctrl+4(tween) , Shift+4(clear)
Stagger Tween
Swap Multiple Symbols
Timeline Block To Symbol Shift+F8
EDAPT Service Layers Renamer
Last EDAPT Command Quick Settings F12 , Alt+F12
EDAPT Control Panel Alt+F1
Smart Magnet Rig panel
Smart Graphic Control panel
EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts