Smart Magnet Joint (SMR)


Magnet Target(s) (MT) must be present for this command to function. MTs are created by Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) and should be positioned inside parent Symbols to indicate the point of magnet contact.
Upon execution the command repositions the selected (children) Symbol(s) matching their Registration points to the Registration points of a Magnet Target present in a parent Symbol.

1. Animation / Symbol Mode

Two typical scenarios are available:

  • The Symbols have been rigged via Smart Magnet Rig panel, i.e. all MTs and Symbols have been assigned metadata IDs via the panel. In this case a clear hierarchy of Symbols has been established and the command can be applied to multiple Symbols. Upon execution `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) each child Symbol will snap to its parent MT.
  • MTs are present, but Symbols have not been tagged using Smart Magnet Rig panel, i.e. they are missing ID metadata and hierarchy has not been established. In this case child Symbols can be magnetically snapped one at a time. The Reg point of the child will snap to the nearest Magnet Target inside a parent Symbol. The magnet range for this scenario can be set in EDAPT Control Panel. Default value is 50 pixels. The command will not work outside of this range.

2. MT Mode
If the selected object is a Magnet Target, upon execution `(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) the command snaps it over the nearest existing Center Marker of another Symbol.

Suggested use

Animation / Symbol Mode
Any time a joint is 'dislocated' and a rig is broken due to an error or a classic tween and we need to have the elements back in their places.

MT Mode
For quick and precise positioning of Magnet Targets over the Registration Points of child Symbols. The Reg Points must be indicated by a Center Marker (CM).

Where does it work?

Stage, Selected Symbol(s)

EDAP Tools v.3 shortcut

`(tilda/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc) (`/~ key to the left of 1/! and below Esc)


Smart Magnet Range for the second scenario can be customized in EDAPT Control Panel.


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