Timeline Block To Symbol


Converts a selected block of frames to a Symbol, preserving its relative position and layer structure.

There are two modes:

  1. Single Frame mode
    If the selection is strictly limited to multiple objects/layers spanning only one frame, the command behaves just like the discontinued (as of v.3) Convert To Symbol Preserving Layers. A self-explanatory dialog box pops up and the user is required to choose certain options.
  2. Timeline Block mode
    Selection can be any block of frames. A self-explanatory dialog box appears and after the user chooses what they need the frames are nested inside a container.
    The command can slice through tweens, preserving easing, but this should be used with care.

Suggested use

Should be used when content needs to be treated as one Symbol and buried a level deeper.

Where does it work?

Mode 1. Symbols on Stage or vertical Timeline selection across multiple layers, single frame only
Mode 2. Timeline; block selection of frames

EDAP Tools v.3 shortcut



Important! Depending on the complexity of your selection this command might take up to a few minutes to complete your request. If Flash pops up message(s) asking you if you'd like the command to continue working, just press 'Yes' as many times as necessary.


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