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I want to make commercial animation using EDAP Tools 4.0

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Am I going to use EDAP Tools 4.0 to make a video and sell the video, but would I violate my license?
asked 5 days ago by lee jae guen

1 Answer

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Hi Lee Jae Guen,

You CAN use the tools to make professional and commercial animation.

This will not be in violation of the license.

EDAP Tools v.4 are distributed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
This means you cannot modify and sell the tools themselves.

As we have clearly stated everywhere on the site, EDAP Tools are professional tools and should be used in professional animation by individuals, studios and educational institutions.

Good luck with your work!

We'll be glad to see some of it if you have it posted online.
answered 5 days ago by nick (4,440 points)