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when do you support animate CC 2019 ?

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when do you support animate CC 2019 ?
asked Oct 19 by 재근

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Quick update.


Please, read this announcement: http://flash-powertools.com/support-for-animate-cc-2019/
answered Oct 24 by nick (5,060 points)
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Unknown at this point.




However, if you keep Advanced Layers OFF by default EDAP Tools seem to be working without issues in Animate CC 2019.


Here is how to disable Advanced Layers:


1. Click somewhere on the Stage so that "Document Properties" are displayed in Properties panel.


2. Click the "Advanced Settings" button as shown below


3. A dialog will open:

4. Uncheck "Mode: Use Advanced Layers"

and Click "Make Default" so that you don't have to do it for every new file.


5. Press OK




If you find any tools not working after you switch off Advanced Layers please let us know.

answered Oct 19 by nick (5,060 points)