Elec­tric Dog – Elec­tric Dog is and has always been a Punk Rock band at heart. For unknown rea­sons instead of play­ing wild garage music, the band mem­bers have worked as ani­ma­tors, UX/UI and char­ac­ter design­ers, col­lege lec­tur­ers and mul­ti­me­dia developers.

Vlad – Vladin Mitov is a mul­ti­me­dia design­er who lives and works in Sofia, Bul­gar­ia. He grad­u­at­ed Sofia Art Col­lege major­ing in tra­di­tion­al ani­ma­tion. In the ear­ly 90s he worked on numer­ous TV pro­duc­tions cre­at­ing motion graph­ics and ani­ma­tions on Ami­ga Com­modore using Scala MM 200, Deluxe Paint, Bril­liance and Imag­ine. In the late 90s he found­ed Elec­tric Dog (ed-multimedia.com) – a stu­dio for com­put­er games, mul­ti­me­dia and ani­ma­tion. Elec­tric Dog has suc­cess­ful­ly tak­en part in the devel­op­ment of many games and mul­ti­me­dia projects for Has­bro Inter­ac­tive, Mat­tel Inter­ac­tive, Gate­way Learn­ing Cor­po­ra­tion, Atari, THQ, Info­grames and Nick­elodeon. Since 2005 Vladin works as a graph­ic and usabil­i­ty design­er. Vlad is the cod­ing mas­ter behind EDAP Tools. He likes to lis­ten to punk music and to smoke strong cigarettes.

Nick – Nick­o­lay Tilch­eff has been ani­mat­ing pro­fes­sion­al­ly for more than 25 years and draw­ing since a very ear­ly age. He grew up lov­ing clas­sic Gold­en Age Tom & Jer­ry and Road Run­ner, 70s Japan­ese UFO Robo Gren­diz­er, the jazzy Jun­gle Book and The Aris­to­cats, and a mix­ture of East­ern Euro­pean car­toons with a very broad styl­is­tic vari­a­tion. Nick and Vlad stud­ied tra­di­tion­al ani­ma­tion in the same class and in the fol­low­ing ten years worked (on and off) togeth­er on many excit­ing and many dis­ap­point­ing projects. Nick has lived in Aus­tralia since 2003. His first encounter with Flash was in the dis­tant 1998 and his con­stant frus­tra­tion with the defi­cien­cies of the pro­gram as a char­ac­ter ani­ma­tion tool has been the dri­ving force that brought EDAP Tools to life. He loves jazz, blues, punk rock, all ani­mals and some humans.

More infor­ma­tion about the ear­ly his­to­ry of Elec­tric Dog, how Nick and Vlad met, and what moti­vates them to devel­op Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools can be found in this inter­view for the Adobe Blog.
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Car­ing for the plan­et – Under­stand­ing how bad alco­hol is for the young gen­er­a­tions Vlad and Nick have a seri­ous track­able record and can pro­vide ref­er­ences from numer­ous wit­ness­es that over the years they have been per­sis­tent­ly and sac­ri­fi­cial­ly try­ing to reduce the amount of exist­ing full beer bot­tles on this plan­et by drink­ing their con­tents. Although they real­ize this is a bat­tle impos­si­ble to win, they are deter­mined to keep going.
Ideals exist to inspire!