Electric Dog – Electric Dog is and has always been a Punk Rock band at heart. For unknown reasons instead of playing wild garage music, the band members have worked as animators, UX/UI and character designers, college lecturers and multimedia developers.

Vlad – Vladin Mitov is a multimedia designer who lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated Sofia Art College majoring in traditional animation. In the early 90s he worked on numerous TV productions creating motion graphics and animations on Amiga Commodore using Scala MM 200, Deluxe Paint, Brilliance and Imagine. In the late 90s he founded Electric Dog (ed-multimedia.com) – a studio for computer games, multimedia and animation. Electric Dog has successfully taken part in the development of many games and multimedia projects for Hasbro Interactive, Mattel Interactive, Gateway Learning Corporation, Atari, THQ, Infogrames and Nickelodeon. Since 2005 Vladin works as a graphic and usability designer. Vlad is the coding master behind EDAP Tools. He likes to listen to punk music and to smoke strong cigarettes.

Nick – Nickolay Tilcheff has been animating professionally for more than 25 years and drawing since a very early age. He grew up loving classic Golden Age Tom & Jerry and Road Runner, 70s Japanese UFO Robo Grendizer, the jazzy Jungle Book and The Aristocats, and a mixture of Eastern European cartoons with a very broad stylistic variation. Nick and Vlad studied traditional animation in the same class and in the following ten years worked (on and off) together on many exciting and many disappointing projects. Nick has lived in Australia since 2003. His first encounter with Flash was in the distant 1998 and his constant frustration with the deficiencies of the program as a character animation tool has been the driving force that brought EDAP Tools to life. He loves jazz, blues, punk rock, all animals and some humans.

More information about the early history of Electric Dog, how Nick and Vlad met, and what motivates them to develop Flanimate Power Tools can be found in this interview for the Adobe Blog.
You can also read our 10th Anniversary Mission Statement here.

Caring for the planet – Understanding how bad alcohol is for the young generations Vlad and Nick have a serious trackable record and can provide references from numerous witnesses that over the years they have been persistently and sacrificially trying to reduce the amount of existing full beer bottles on this planet by drinking their contents. Although they realize this is a battle impossible to win, they are determined to keep going.
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