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Your contributions will be used to cover project related expenses, such as web hosting, domain registration, occasional costs for hiring other programmers when we need our Edapt.dll modified to suit our expanding needs.
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Thank you for making these great tools and for keeping them free!

Professional tools for animation inside Flash/Animate.
Very useful and makes the workflow a breeze.
Saves a lot of time and the result is you get addicted, and cannot work without those tools.
Great work guys, keep it up.

I'm a graphic artist who mostly works for web. Lately I dabbled into animation and while searching for tutorials on Flash Animation discovered your site. What a treasure trove of knowledge! I love the article about the workflow and the sample files, esp. the Fox! I've also installed the tools and Kineflex is my most favourite one. Please, accept a small donation as a sign of gratitude for all that I've learnt.

You're the best!
I was using Ajar's extensions a long time, but he now stop supporting them in Animate.
Then I search google for extensions for CC and find your tools. All work and 100 times better!
Sending small donation to say thankyou!

A professor at university introduced me to EDAPT tools a few years ago and I have been using them ever since.
Now I've managed to convince the people in the small studio I work at to switch to smart magnet rigs for our next project and this has already saved us so much time.

Just wanted to say thank you for inventing the magnet joints, kineflex and smart graphic control!!
We are a small company and still use CS6.

I should have donated earlier, but only now I'm kind of established in the industry and have regular income.

Thank you for posting about EDAP Tools on New Grounds. My Flash 8 is now better than the fancy, expensive Animate CC.
Just canceled my adobe subscription and decided to donate the money to you instead LOL

Love KineFlex and Smart Graphic Control!

Thanks again!

What a marvel these tools are!
Greetings from Canada

Guys.… What can I say… You're THE BEST!!!
From an independent animator with much respect and gratitude!!!

Thank you so much for your hard work!
I have been using EDAP Tools since v.3.
Never thought you would be able to outdo yourselves after KineFlex, but now I can't wait to try the Inverse Kinematics. Amazing!!
Thank you again!

The tools in v5.0 are amazing, and v6.0 is going to be even better, based on the previews being teased. I CAN NOT WAIT for the update! Thank you so much for making Animate Great Again! ?

I have an old copy of Flash CS5. Have been working with Magnet Rigs for over two months now, but every now and then I stop and look at what I'm achieving with my CS5 in disbelief. You have brought new life to Flash! Thank you!

I'm hoping, praying and watching for the success you deserve. Fantastic work, guys!

Superb work, Adobe's Animate dev team could learn a lot from you guys.

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