EDAPT Service Layers Renamer

This command is hidden by default.
To use it, users need to go to EDAPT Control Panel, click on the Manage Commands… button at the bottom and click on the checkmark for EDAPT Service Layers Renamer. After a restart of Flash/Animate, the command will appear in the Commands menu.


Renames EDAP Tools' own service layers in two directions for compatibility with the new restrictive layer naming model, introduced by Adobe in Oct 2018 with Animate CC 2019.

  1. Relaxed to Strict mode:
    Renames EDAPT's own service layers – Magnet Target(s), Center Marker, etc. – in existing older user files for an automatic transition to EDAPT v.5+ format, changed to conform to Adobe's restrictive layer naming model introduced in 2018.
    Since EDAP Tools v.5+ are fully backward compatible with the old relaxed layer naming convention, renaming is only optional and may be done for consistency.
  2. Strict to Relaxed mode:
    The command also provides the ability to automatically rename EDAPT service layers back to the old relaxed model, if users need to use older versions of EDAP Tools (up to 4.0.2).

Suggested use

If renaming is required, the command should be run once on each user file (FLA).

It is always a good idea to save the modified file under a new name and keep the original as backup.

Where does it work?

Everywhere in Flash / Animate

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Download the latest version from the Downloads page.

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