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G'day, this is Simon From the college Nickolay teaches at.

I think it would be helpful in terms of conveying the use of the plugin if one of you screen recorded the process of animating a character using the tool while perhaps having a text cue that recorded the key strokes and displayed them at the bottom of the screen.

I found this site by accident but im glad i did. Thanks a ton this will really help me. Ill be coming back


I'm finally using your Flash Power Tools, and they're fantastic. Just one suggestion - put a "donate" button on your site! Or a Flattr button, or something. I like to support Free software, even if it's with just a few bucks.

Thanks, Simon, Raven, Cindy and Nina!

Your positive feedback is much appreciated!

We're now working on some more advanced and powerful tools for our next release, so stay tuned.

Wow, EDAP tools is an incredible find! So many scripts that speed up my animation workflow! It allows me to focus more on my animations, and less on the technical side of character rigs! Also, the developers respond to feedback/bugs immediately! Thank you so much for creating this package! I'll be sure to spread the word!

Thank you for your comment, Charlie!

The next release is scheduled for December - January.

Exciting new features coming with it!

You are the best! Keep up the good work. Try to use Flash Panels and a complete workflow with the adobe softwares (illustrator, flash, after effects, premiere). Flash is just a step in the process.


When the new release will come out?

Hi Lucas!

We are aiming at a December - January release date.

A lot of the work is already done, but there is still some more and then serious testing and writing of documentation.

Hi, just want to say what a great product this is. Also, I am having a lot of trouble getting the synchronize timeline tool to work. I feel like I am doing what it says, but when I select synchronize time line, over the multiple frames, nothing happens. Could you describe to me the process in precise detail, please. Thank you so much for releasing this. It's cut down on my workflow a ton.

Great job on the Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools - this is one complete set of tools that I use a lot for my flash animations.
I've tried a lot of individual plugins and they work well on their own but it's so good to have a solid base of components in one package.

Is there an update planned to work with flash CC?

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Our current CS5 release works perfectly fine with CS5.5 and CS6.

We haven't tried CC, but I will investigate in the next few days and will get back to you.

Hi again Brian,

We will include a ZXP package option for Creative Cloud users with our next release.

Until then users can convert the current version of EDAP Tools from MXP to ZXP via Extensions Manager CS6, downloadable from Adobe's website.

This is one of the most useful tools for flash animation.
Makes character animations a breeze.
The learning curve is pretty small, and once you get used to it - you can't live without it…at least in Flash 🙂

Very good work gents, thank you!

Hello! I like your Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools! Great job !
I am watching you with version 2.5. We are pleased to use your itstrumenty !!! Thank you so much !!!
Yes, please - to take a hot key Alt + x put a keyframe
only layer is not closed on the lock. And to this command does not work in layers, which are closed on the lock!
(Sorry, I am writing to Google translator)))))))

Hi Serg,

If I understand correctly you would like to exclude the locked layers from Alt+X keyframing.
With the current version (3.5) you can use '//no key' in your layer name and that will let you avoid adding keys to certain layers.

You can change the '//no key' suffix from EDAPT Control Panel if like.

If this is not what you're looking for, please, send me an email to
info at flash-powertools dot com
to better clarify the problem. Maybe include a file with an example.

Glad you like the tools!

Hi , since the first time I saw the demonstration , I am amazed with your works . This is the exact tools that I need . It's have lot's of powerful tools and functionality .

The only downside on my point is the breaking joints when tweening the rig . 

Eventhough I don't know how programming works , maybe it can be fixed with code that create motion tween and then adding a motion path relatively from parents magnet points maybe ?

Anyway great works .

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Flicker!

Have you checked out Clean Up?

Good luck with your work!

Thanks so much Nick for linking me to here from the Adobe animate forum , Your advice on the Adobe Forum and all the knowledge here will help me so much , I look forward to installing EDAP tools as soon as i am ready , it seems funny now that i thought i had to discover the correct file type for imports in Animate , when all i needed was an expert to tell me to create in Flash..


You are most welcome, John!

Hope you'll find useful information here that does not repeat what is available in other sources.
Have a look around and start with whatever seems most relevant or most interesting.
I post new articles infrequently, but somehow regularly whenever time permits. 

We are very busy working on the next version (5.0) of EDAP Tools which takes precedence over writing.

Always feel free to ask questions.

Best regards!

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