How to make your new Smart Magnet Rigs created in EDAPT v.5+ work with older versions of EDAP Tools

The problem

If you have landed here, you may be asking the question:
Why my new Smart Magnet Rigs that I created with EDAP Tools v.5 (or newer) do not work well when I use EDAP Tools v.4.0.2 on another computer?

The most obvious symptom would be that Magnet Joints don't snap.

The answer is very simple:
In 2018 Adobe changed their layer naming convention and we had to conform to the new more restrictive rules, and as of EDAP Tools v.5.0 changed the names of our service layers, created by Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker. These layers are now called MagnetTargets and CenterMarker.

It is simply a layer naming issue. The old (prior to v.5.0) code of Smart Magnet Joints looks for Magnet Targets on a layer called Magnet Target(s) and when it can't find it (because the layer is called MagnetTargets), it does nothing.

In the latest release of EDAP Tools we have included a command which allows you to automatically rename your new Smart Magnet Rigs to the legacy format should you need to use them with an older version of EDAP Tools (earlier than 5.0).

More information about the Strict Layer Naming model is available here.

The solution

Below is a step-by-step guide how to make your new files containing Smart Magnet Rigs work with EDAP Tools older than v.5.
You need to run the Renamer once per file (FLA).

Make sure 08 EDAPT Service Layers Renamer is present in your Commands menu. The command is hidden by default, so you may need to go to EDAPT Control panel and click Manage Commands… to show it. This will require a restart of the program.

  1. Open your file
  2. From the Commands menu choose 08 EDAPT Service Layers Renamer
  3. From the drop-down in Service Layers Renamer dialog choose Strict to Relaxed
    Service Layers Renamer
  4. Press Convert
  5. Save your file under a new name to make sure you always have the original as backup.

Smart Magnet Joints and all other EDAP Tools functionality will now be restored.


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