Smart Magnet Bot v.2 (free download)

Smart Magnet Bot v.2 is a fully functional Smart Magnet Rig ™, suitable for testing all features and tools in the EDAP Tools package.

Download Smart Magnet Bot from the Downloads page

The build features a full turnaround, multiple hand gestures, facial expressions and so on, nested inside containers and set up to illustrate both the traditional approach to Flash builds and Smart Magnet Rigging.

It is intended to be a simple and easy to follow example, designed to convey the principles and concepts of:

  • symbol hierarchy and nesting for simultaneous timeline control
  • containers for static images
  • displaying frames inside containers instead of symbol swapping
  • circular joints
  • proper positioning of reg points, vertical limbs
  • rigging for break apart workflow
  • syncing of timelines
  • full functionality of Smart Magnet Rigging: smart transform, smart magnet joints, clean up, KineFlex (EDAPT v.4 or higher)
  • smart graphic control - thumbnails and synced elements (eyes, eye mask, mouth) (EDAPT v.4 or higher)

The file is Macromedia Flash 8 compatible and can be used in any version of Flash and Animate newer than Flash 8.
EDAPT Smart Magnet Bot is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA.

Smart Magnet Bot can be used for any personal non-commercial work and purposes, school and university projects, animation tests and to learn how to create your own Smart Magnet Rigs.
Using it for commercial (for profit) projects and selling it is strictly prohibited.

Our audience and users are invited to send us animations of Smart Magnet Bot which they have done themselves. We will publish them on our Youtube channel and in the Made with EDAP Tools section on this site to give the authors additional exposure.

Below is a video that uses Smart Magnet Bot to showcase the functionality of Smart Transform.

Download Smart Magnet Bot from the Downloads page

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