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EDAP Tools in Adobe Animate CC 2015.1

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We have just updated our install script to make sure the latest released version of EDAP Tools (v. can install and work correctly with the newly released Adobe Animate CC. Download the latest version from the Downloads page

We first introduced Smart Magnet Rigs in 2013 and since then countless studios and individual animators around the world have adopted this ground-breaking approach to flexibility, efficiency and control.

With chain selection, magnetic joints and automatic clean up of arcs, Smart Magnet Rigs are unmatched in the current Flash or Animate landscape. Read more
This foundational article is an attempt to describe the process of organizing a production in its complexity, focusing on character-related specifics and trying to cast light over areas that are usually not even mentioned in books about Flash.

We will be focusing mostly on the technical aspects of Flash animation production. The creative and artistic side of the problems will rarely be addressed.

The text below assumes that readers are already animators or people with interest and knowledge of animation, its specific vocabulary, methods and practices. Read more