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EDAP Tools Premium revolutionizes Flash Animation by bringing professional-grade Inverse Kinematics tools to all character animators.
SMR IK is bound to become the new industry standard in digital cutout animation, flawlessly integrating into all Classic Tween pipelines and allowing ease of posing which even old-time EDAP Tools users could not dream of.

Building upon our 10 years of experience, developing the most popular extensions package, with EDAP Tools Premium we are taking our professional tool set to a whole new level, bringing unseen before features to the Flash / Animate platform and providing a 21st century user experience. Read more

This panel is part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow Functionality Flexible, customizable panel with multiple buttons, providing easy access to functionality related to rigging, editing, posing, manipulating or repairing of Smart Magnet Rigs. Premium licenses are also activated and Read more

This command is part of the Smart Magnet Rig workflow Smart Magnet Rigs are built around the use of the permanent Registration Points for all calculations and transformations. Tweens use the more temporary Transformation Point as pivot of transformations. For Read more