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Can not get any magnets, markers, etc to line up.

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Couldn't find any realated questions and while I am probably the least experience using this tool, I am able to make rigs using the standard bone tools as well as DUIK for my riggs, however, using this tool, I can not get anything to line up properly.  After setting  my marker and magnet on the joints I try to test it by moving a limb and pressing the tilda to snap it back in place but get the messages either no marker or magnet exist.  If I do it more than once it simply crashes.  Is there a step by step that speaks on the basics of aligning the joint to work so that I can set up the markers correctly?  My puppets are gorgeous and I am eager to use this tool to  animate.  Thanks.

Sincerely -feeling miserable

P.S. Yes I have read all content, workspace (didn't understand the structure) and watched all tutorial videos.  Not sure what I am not doing wrong as your sturctures are already in place instead of starting from scratch. Using Animate CC 2017
asked Aug 21, 2018 by Jesse
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Hi Jesse,
Really sorry for the frustration, mate!

Sent you an email.


[EDIT: March 2019]

The follow up on this topic is here.

answered Aug 21, 2018 by nick (6,570 points)
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