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Can't Use Shortcuts for Create Magnet Target or Center Marker [Solved]

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Good day!

I'm trying to make my first rig in Adobe Flash Pro CS6 but cannot seem to get the "Create Magenet Target or Center Marker" Command to work.

Upon pressing Shift+` or Alt+` nothing happens.

Here's a Youtube Video Showing so: https://youtu.be/DUvnWRGXknU


Any help is greatly apperciated as I wish to use Flash CS6 instead of Animate CC.


Here are some details on my situation:

-Using Windows 10

-Have no other programs running in the background (Aside from screenrecording software)

-Using the default Adobe Standard Flash Shortcuts

-Using EDAPT v.


asked Oct 5, 2019 by DigitalDesignDude

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Hi mate,


Wow! What an excellent report!

I wish all users were like you! Life would be so much more pleasant :)


You are missing one small but important step:

You need to switch to EDAPT Shortcuts from the Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts dialog.

On the video, when you restored the set from the EDAPT Control Panel you even had a prompt to do so, but you probably did not read it :)


When you choose EDAPT Shortcuts all the commands and functions will start responding to key presses.


More info about the set is available here: http://flash-powertools.com/edapt-keyboard-shortcuts-set/

If you'd like to keep using the default set, you can still use some of the multifunctional commands from the menu, but to access the alternative functionality you will need to hold down a key before choosing the command from the menu; for example holding down Alt while choosing Create Magnet Target or Center Marker will create a Centrer Marker.

More info on this is available here: http://flash-powertools.com/understanding-multifunction-commands/

You can also create your own set, but assigning certain combinations in CS is very restricted via the default shortcut dialog, so you will have to dig into the shortcut file itself as described here: http://flash-powertools.com/modifying-the-edapt-cs-shortcuts-set-v-3-and-higher-to-better-suit-your-needs/


Hope this helps!


ps. We think that Flash CS6 is the best Flash/Animate so far, so you have made a good choice.

answered Oct 5, 2019 by nick (9,020 points)
selected Oct 6, 2019 by nick

Just as a side note, mate,


If you have your FLA files as AS2, you will get much better performance both from Flash and EDAP Tools.

Only use AS3 files if you need some AS3 functionality (like 3D objects).

You can choose AS2 initially when you create a new file or you can switch from the Properies panel > Publish section > Script: ActionScript 2.0

Thank you! When I read the instructions I honestly don't know why I overlooked the EDAPT Shortcuts as a shortcut option. Glad that was a simple mistep that was easily corrected. Glad you liked the report delivery as well. :)  

For the most part I'm making the switch from using Adobe Animate CC so I'm trying several different extensions at the time aside from powertools to try to make CS6 be more like CC.

So far powertools looks like the best option for riging or replacing the buggy default bone tool system in Flash. I look forward to learning it :)


Also regarding actionscript 2, I perfer to use actionscipt 3 so that I can use animations in my app development projects. If working in actionscript 2 will help stop CS6 from crashing I may consider using it more. I've just been getting a large amouint fatal errors wihen using CS6, should be nothing related to powertools.

You're most welcome, mate!


Enjoy using EDAP Tools and good luck with your projects!


AS3 engine is just slower in general and interpreting some JSFL in particular, but not unstable.

It's strange that you are getting crashes. I find CS6 to be among the most stable versions of Flash I've worked with. It does sometimes crash in specific situations, but even that is not too common.

Just make sure that after a crash you clean up its cache and in drawing preferences you set all snapping and accuracy back to 'Normal', otherwise interaction can become unpleasant.