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Create Magnet Target shortcuts - difference between [Alt+`] and [Shift+`]

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There seems to be an inconsistency between using the Command - 18 Create Magnet Target (Alt+`) command, and using the shortcut key Alt+`

If you use the command shortcut menu item, it will create a red circle magnet target, but if you use ALT+` it will create a blue square center marker even though the menu and shortcut are the supossibly the same (Alt+`)
asked Aug 5, 2014 by Justifun
edited Aug 18, 2015 by nick

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We have just released v.3 and, hopefully, all confusion should be wiped out forever.


And here is an article which explains multifunction commands
answered Aug 18, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)
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Thanks for your message, but this is exactly what the command should be doing.
It's a feature, not a bug.

As clearly stated in all support documentation some commands respond to more than one shortcut and this extends their functionality. They actively listen for 'modifier' keys.
In the case of Create Magnet Target [Shift+`] creates Magnet Target while [Alt+`] creates Center Marker.
Accessing the command from the menu will only allow you to create MTs.

For more information, please, refer to Keyboard Shortcuts Map and the support section of this site.

Hope that once you look into the documentation all will make more sense.

I will now change the title of your post to a more descriptive and precise one.
Best regards!
answered Aug 5, 2014 by nick (6,070 points)
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I think this is mostly a usability problem.
Maybe we should change the caption of the menuitem, showing the corresponding shortcut:
18 Create Magnet Target            Shift+`

In this case, the execution of the command in both ways - via the menu and via the shortcut will be consistent. The drawback is that the alternative shortcut will be completely hidden in the UI - there will be no hint for the "alternative" command action.
answered Aug 6, 2014 by vlad (970 points)