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bug - TypeError: alayer.frames[cf] is undefined [Bugfix. Solved]

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When using the Convert To Keyframes Advanced command, and you have a layer that has audio only on it, you get the following error

TypeError: alayer.frames[cf] is undefined
closed with the note: [Bugfix. Solved]
asked Sep 23, 2014 by anonymous
closed Aug 18, 2015 by nick

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I managed to reproduce the bug -
the problem appears every time when you try to create a key in a layer without any visual elements in it.

The bug will be fixed in the next EDAP Tools release - version 3.0.0!

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answered Sep 25, 2014 by vlad (970 points)
selected Aug 18, 2015 by nick
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Thanks for reporting the bug!
I will check what happens and I'll write more tomorrow.

Best regards!
answered Sep 24, 2014 by vlad (970 points)
It would be great if the ALT-F6 functionality would be able to either work with layers that have audio only, or perhaps ignore layers that a Guides" or inside of a special folder or something.  When blocking in some animation being able to key everything while scrubbing the audio is so helpful.  Thanks!
Hi, we'll wait for Vlad to reproduce and hunt down the bug.
(I have only worked with CS versions so far so haven't experienced the sound only issue. Been avoiding CC for serious work as it is plagued with problems.)

Meanwhile I'd like to suggest a potential workaround:

If you nest all your animation layers inside a folder (there can be subfolders in it too) and leave your audio at the top nested or not you can create keys for your animation layers without affecting your audio layers by pressing F6 when you only have one frame selected in your top-level folder for animation.

Here is an illustration of such setup.

Hope this helps for now!
Fantastic ! Yeah this will work great!  Thanks for the info!