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Flash CC 2015 doesn't install EDAP Tools [EDAPT v.3 does not need EM]

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Dear Friend, I've installed the EDAP Tools in my Flash CC 2015 using the extension manager, but the tools don't show up in the Command menu bar, and by the way the "other panels" menu located in the window menu seems like doesn't exist in the Flash cc 2015, I only see the "extensions" menu, and the Smart Magnet Rig panel isn't there, any help on how to install the tools in the Flash cc 2015 please, thank you.
asked Jun 29, 2015 by anonymous
edited Aug 18, 2015 by nick

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A quick update here.

 Adobe announced that they are retiring Extensions Manager and have dropped support for it with CC2015, but then later made it work again with a patch.
 They have been inconsistent and we released EDAP Tools v.3 with our own install script independent of EM.

 EM is not needed to install EDAP Tools any more.
answered Aug 18, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)
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Hi Edson,

Adobe again broke their own system and have created nightmare problems for their users with the latest update to CC15.

Try re-installing Extensions Manager, please, and then EDAP Tools again.

If this doesn't work, send us an email (info@flash-powertools.com) and we will try to guide you through a manual install process.

Here is some additional information you can look at:

We are investigating the problem and will write more when we find a universal solution.
answered Jun 29, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)
Just a quick update here:
Anyone who has difficulty with CC 2015 can have a look at this article
Thank you Nick, I've managed to install the tools but manually, the extension manager didn't do  the job, now I am testing all the commands and the magnet panels, thanks so million!, Cheers!