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Feature request: Find and replace line-weight [Complete - part of EDAPT v3.5]

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Hello clever edapt tools creators - any chance there will one day be a "find and replace" for line-weight?
asked Mar 14, 2014 by anonymous
edited Jul 3, 2016 by nick

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Find And Replace Strokes is now a part of EDAP Tools v. 3.5.0


Please, download the latest release to take advantage of the new functionality.
answered Jul 9, 2016 by nick (6,110 points)
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Thanks for your message!

It seems that the creation of such a tool will be possible.
We will discuss functionality and potential inclusion into our next release.

I will now edit the title of your question to 'feature request'.
answered Mar 14, 2014 by nick (6,110 points)
Just a quick update here.
We have spent quite a lot of time working on this, but results are not encouraging and have dropped the development for now.
It is a very low-priority task and most likely will never be completed.