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Type Error Edapt.lastMouseUp not a function [SMR Panel runs in Compatibility Mode in EDAPT v.3.5]

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I get this error (Flash8): "Type Error Edapt.lastMouseUp  not a function" when I try to create a new rig in the rig panel. I click OK and error msg comes right back.

Any ideas?
asked Apr 8, 2016 by curtis

2 Answers

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Edit: 20 Jul 2016 - Case closed

As of v. 3.5 the Smart Magnet Rig panel now will run in Compatibility Mode if it detects missing communication at OS level.
answered Jul 21, 2016 by nick (6,570 points)
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This error seems to only happen in a combination of Flash 8 run on older versions of Mac OS X.

The only workaround at the moment is to disable "Listen for Stage Updates" checkbox in Smart Magnet Rig panel and keep it unchecked at all times.

Panel can still be used for creating the hierarchies and assigning metadata to symbols on stage; only some of the visual feedback will be missing.

When rigging is complete it will be best to keep panel closed.
answered Apr 11, 2016 by nick (6,570 points)
That fixed it. I just use the tools in the Smart Magnet Rig without the live updating and no errors occur. Assigning the nodes even provides some visual feedback without the live update. (These are all great tools for Flash animators and make working so much faster and easier.)