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EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts Set doesn't appear in the last update CC 2015.2 [Updated Install Script]

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Hello, and, first, thank you for this wonderful plug in!

Yesterday I updated Animate CC to the last 2015.2 version and since then I live in a  nightmare. All previous third party extensions were wiped out and now, after installing them again they don't show in the program.

Your plugin was the only one that installed and I was so happy about this because recently I use it a lot for character animation. Until I realized that CC Animate 2015.2 didn't install the EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts Set, which is required for the Smart magnet Rigs.

My question is - If I assign those shortcuts manually, would they work? Can I download them separately? And... please, help!  Without any plugins created by and for animators  Animate CC is a pain.
asked Jun 28, 2016 by Izabela

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A quick update [29 Jun 2016]

We now have adjusted our install script, to take proper care of EDAPT shortcuts and put them in their proper location under Animate CC 2015.2
answered Jun 29, 2016 by nick (6,070 points)
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Hi Izabela,

Adobe have once again changed their install paths and this is what has caused the EDAPT Shortcuts to disappear.

We will soon have an updated install script, but in the meantime you can copy the shortcuts manually and all will work as intended.

Grab the file called EDAPT CC shortcuts v3.xml from the install folder of EDAP Tools.
Is is located in EDAPT_v.\Source_Files\Shortcuts

Copy and Paste this shortcut file into Animate's Shortcut folder

on Win

on Mac

The set should immediately appear in Animate's drop down without the need to restart.

Best regards!
answered Jun 28, 2016 by nick (6,070 points)
Thank you, Nick! You were very helpful and solved the problem immediately. I really appreciate your work on these plugins. Best wishes!