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I need edapt 3.5 for CC 2018 (to uninstall) [Solved]

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I need edapt 3.5 for CC 2018 Becaue of uninstall !!
asked Jun 23, 2018 by lee jae guen

2 Answers

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Hi mate,

Did you get a mess of old (3.5) and new (4.0) commands and tools mixed?

Please, send us an email http://flash-powertools.com/contact/ and I'll help you clean up the old stuff.

If you haven't installed v.4 on top of 3.5, just run Uninstall from the EDAPT Control Panel.
answered Jun 23, 2018 by nick (7,600 points)
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Hi Lee Jae Guen,

Just a little more info about the uninstall of 3.5 if you still have it running and have not put v.4 on top of it.

1. Go to the Commands menu and choose EDAPT Control Panel or press [ Alt+F1 ]


2. When the panel opens click Uninstall EDAPT button at the bottom left

There will be a confirmation and Animate will close and 3.5 will be uninstalled.

Then you can safely install v.4

If you have any difficulties, please, let me know and will help you with all this.

answered Jun 24, 2018 by nick (7,600 points)
Thank you!!

I can install v4.0 !!

Enjoy using v.4.0 :)