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How do I know about flash cs3 shortcuts id?

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Nick, I give up to install v4 for CS3.
But I will use v3.5.

How can I know about flash cs3 shortcuts id?

I want change shortcut manually, because of CS3 cannot modify the keys <shift+x> or <alt+z>
If I modify duplicated shorcut file v3.5  in CS3, shortcut file make so many error.
So I opened v3.5 wfx file using notepad ++.

I aleady have know flag and keycode.
But I couldn't figure out what function the shortcut id meant.

Do you have docs concerning cs3 shortcut ID?
Your adobe link is broken.

I will use CS3 and CC sametime.

asked Jul 20, 2018 by Lee Jae Guen

1 Answer

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Hi Lee Jae Guen!


I'm sorry that you couldn't get EDAPT v.4 to work in CS3. We have tested it on 3 different machines, different CS3 copies under XP and Win 10 and it never displayed any strange behaviour.

The last thing that comes to mind is to delete the whole 'config' folder when CS3 is closed and then start Flash. It will create 'config' again and re-set anything that may be corrupted.

Is there anything unusual about your OS user account - any restrictions you can think of?


With manual installation - make sure you copy all files from the install folders. Commands get generated during first run.

It's a shame to not be able to have KineFlex and Smart Graphic Control in CS3 :(


On the topic of shortcuts

Yes, Adobe deleted all their old help for Flash a few months ago, hence the broken link. The PDF that I made is the same as what was on their site - just the keycodes.


The best way to try and find some specific IDs would be to start with a blank shortcuts file and through the interface assign them Ctrl+Shift+Alt+ shortcuts.

Do this in small batches - say 5 - and check the wfx in Notepad ++

You can add comments as you go.

Then when you're done, you can change the flags to make them whatever you want. I have described some of the structure of that file here


If you only want to modify some keys in the EDAPT set, just see what they are through the program and then find them inside the wfx. We have organised the file by keys, so look for that and then the flag will tell you which shortcut is the one you're looking for.

Change the keycode and flag. Just be careful to not get conflicts/duplicates (a quick search with Notepad ++ will show you if you run into conflict).

It's fiddly stuff, but totally possible.


Good luck, mate!

answered Jul 20, 2018 by nick (7,600 points)