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How do i manually launch the Extension Manager? [EDAPT v.3 does not need EM]

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I just download the Power tools plugin for the Creative Cloud but when I go into flash>help>manage extensions a window pops up saying that Flash can not launch the manager and I should try to launch it manually.

I'm new to installing plug ins, but I was assuming I just go to the downloaded file and double click it to begin the instal. I did this and and Firefox opens and never loads.

Anyone have any suggestions?
asked Apr 30, 2015 by Alisia
edited Aug 18, 2015 by nick

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A quick update here.

Adobe announced that they are retiring Extensions Manager and have dropped support for it with CC2015, but then later made it work again with a patch.
They have been inconsistent and we released EDAP Tools v.3 with our own install script independent of EM.

EM is not needed to install EDAP Tools any more.
answered Aug 18, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)
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Hi Alisia,

From what you describe it seems that you just don't have Extensions Manager installed.

You can download it from Adobe's site


and then you should be able to launch it from within Flash or by clicking its own icon and install EDAP Tools.

Alternatively in CC you can download Extensions Manager via Adobe Application Manager.
Check that to make sure you have it in your list of installed programs.

Please, let me know if that helped.
answered Apr 30, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)