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How do I fix: At line 174 of file "EDAPT Loader.jsfl": TypeError: d is undefined

Hello, I was using Adobe Animate and a thunderstorm knocked out my power. When my power came back and I strted animate EDAPT tools was saying I needed a premium license even though I already had one. So I reinstalled the plugin, and this error showed up:
Unknown or missing info.
A JavaScript error occurred.
At line 174 of file "EDAPT Loader.jsfl":
TypeError: d is undefined
After that I uninstalled EDAPT again and uninstalled Animate. I reinstalled both and the error keeps popping up. How do I fix this?
asked Aug 11, 2022 by Stasia

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This is an EDAP Tools initialization error.
It is critical, and the tools will be unable to function normally.

This is not caused by Animate or EDAP Tools, but rather the OS (Windows) or a 3rd party software.

For anyone who may experience the same error, here is what you need to do:


1.Most likely to fix the error you will need to reinstall or reset Windows. (In this case a Windows reset with "Keep my files" worked fine.)

2.After that you will need to install all your programs again.


answered Aug 17, 2022 by nick
selected Jul 15 by nick

Just to add to this thread:

Another user recently experienced this rare initialization issue and the same solution worked for him as well.

You can read the details here: https://flash-powertools.com/downloads/#comment-3338