Known Issues

Last update: July 2021

This post is a list of all Known Issues with the currently available version of EDAP Tools.

It should serve users as a convenient first place to check whether some irregularity they experience when working with EDAP Tools is typical or not, what the causes might be and whether there is a workaround.

We will be updating this post whenever issues are resolved or new ones appear. 

List of current Known Issues:

Types of issues

Whilst we make every reasonable attempt to fix all bugs in our plugin code, it is very important to understand that most of the long-standing problems come from bugs or broken functionality in the host application, Adobe Animate.

We have reported all these issues to the Animate team as soon as we have become aware of them, and have tried on multiple occasions to convince them to prioritize fixing them.
Since hardly anything has been addressed in the last couple of years, we decided that we should be transparent with our users and make our reports public.

Recent versions of Animate, starting from 2018 have generally much worse performance, compared to Flash and previous versions of Animate, but are also a mine field of tens and even hundreds of bugs.

Reporting a bug

If you experience unexpected behavior when using EDAP Tools and think that you have come across a bug, please, file a bug-report, describing the steps to reproduce and detailing your version of Flash / Animate, OS and anything else you may consider relevant.

Auto KeyFrame incompatibility

Affected versions: Animate 2020 and newer

Symptoms: When Auto Keyframe is enabled, it alters the results of many JSFL functions and consequently can break a lot of EDAP Tools functionality, producing unpredictable and erratic behavior.

Reason: The new Auto Keyframe feature is logically inconsistent with classic Flash / Animate workflows.

Workaround: To be able to enjoy EDAP Tools, make sure you disable Auto Keyframe.

Slower KineFlex performance

Affected versions: Animate 2018 and newer

Symptoms: Noticeable lag, esp. when dragging the Master Parent.

Reason: Animate has much worse general performance than Flash CS. JSFL performance was crippled by the Animate team once around 2015 after the name change from Flash to Animate and a second time further again in 2018.

We have reported the issue multiple times, urging them to fix it, with zero improvement over the course of more than two years.

Here is an extract from one of the videos which we have submitted in 2018, displaying performance comparison between Animate and Flash CS6.

Video: KineFlex crippled performance in Animate vs. Flash

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.

Workaround: Drag the Master Parent slowly to give the laggy host application time to perform the necessary calculations.


Affected versions: Animate 2018 and newer

Symptoms: After undoing a KineFlex transformation a ghost image of the first frame of the symbol appears.

Reason: Screen refresh bug in Animate.

We have reported the issue in 2018 as soon as it was detected.
Below is an extract from the original bug report we filed.

Video: Ghost image after Undo of JSFL transformation

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.

Workaround: Put a temporary opaque guided box or background on the bottom layer, under the characters. You will not see the ghost image.

Extremely slow Undo of Convert To Keyframe Advanced

Affected versions: Animate 2018 and newer

Reason: Persistent regression, caused by the Animate devs.

This is an extract from our first bug report of the issue. We have since then flagged it multiple times with no improvement so far.

Video: Terribly slow Undo of CTKA

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on youtube.

Workaround: When you realize that you have created a stack of keyframes with Convert To Keyframe Advanced by mistake do not use Undo. Use Remove Keyframe [ Shift+X ] instead.

Comment labels slowing down playback

Affected versions: Flash CS6, Animate 2018 and newer

Symptoms: Comment labels slow down Timeline playback. If you have the habit to preview your work by pressing [ Ctrl+Enter ] this does not apply to you and you can enable all comment labels.

Below is our original bug report.

Labels affecting performance - bug details

n. tilcheff
June 30 2020 in Bug Discussions

One of our users contacted us yesterday with the observation of some extreme playback sluggishness with Cleaned Up frames.

After some investigation we determined the superficial cause - comment labels that we have been using for years to mark auto-generated keys - are slowing down playback in AA 20.5 ten times or more.

The image below shows the setup:

Here is a video that shows how to reproduce and describes the problem in detail.
It also makes a comparison between the payback in AA 20.5 and AA 15.2

It will be good if this is addressed alongside all other pressing performance issues.

Workaround: In v.6 of EDAP Tools we made comment labels optional and disabled by default. You can enable them from EDAP Control Panel > Miscellaneous.

Lost SMR info (metadata) while creating Keyframes

Affected versions: Flash CC, Animate 2015, Animate 2017, Animate 2018

This issue was introduced in Flash CC. Metadata is wiped out by the default Convert To Keyframe. It affects Smart Magnet Rigs and the work of Smart Graphic Control panel.

The issue was resolved after nearly 5 years in Animate 19.2.1

Workaround: In affected versions always use Convert To Keyframe Advanced which retains the metadata necessary for Smart Magnet Rigs to function.

Clipped and incomplete text in most EDAP Tools dialogs on Win

Affected versions: Animate 2020 on Windows only

Symptoms: All XUL plugin dialogs in Animate 2020 have text rendering issues. Whole words are not displayed and 2 pixels at the bottom of each line are clipped.

Reason: The issue was introduced with the redesigning of the UI in Animate 2020.

Fixed in Animate 2021.

System Clipboard interference

Affected versions: All versions of Flash and Animate

Flash's and Animate's clipboard is exposed to interference by other programs running at the same time in background.
This can lead to errors during EDAPT Objects creation or insertion. Read more…

Workaround: Enable EDAPT Object Compatibility mode from EDAPT Control Panel > Miscellaneous.

System Color Picker in EDAPT Control Panel

Affected versions: Animate 2017 and newer on Windows

Symptoms: If user opens the KineFlex or Layer Color Settings dialogs from EDAPT Control Panel and clicks on a color chip to change certain colors and in this color chip dialog clicks on the color wheel at the top-right to pop the system color picker, it opens behind the dialogs. It is not visible and impossible to bring in focus, which results in a lockdown situation.

Reason: This is a bug in Animate with modal dialogs.

Workaround: To avoid having to kill the program, users can either move EDAPT Control Panel to the side after opening it, before calling the system picker or use the Quick Settings F12 dialog for each of the commands which does not display this issue.

EDAPT Panels are reset when changing Animate UI color theme

Affected versions: All versions of Animate, only if you have Boiler and/or ChaosTheory plugins installed

Symptoms: When user changes the UI color theme via Animate Preferences all SWF panels are reloaded, and data loaded in SMR Panel, Symbol Palette Control and Smart Graphic Control will be lost.

Reason: Incompetent, irresponsible programming by the author of Boiler and ChaosTheory plugins. Their code causes all SWF panels (instead of targeting only his own) to be reset upon theme change.

Workaround: If you need to use Boiler and/or ChaosTheory plugin panels, make sure you do not change UI color theme. When done, close Boiler and/or ChaosTheory panels and restart Animate. After the restart, when said panels have not been opened during the session, you can safely change UI color and EDAPT panels will not be reset.


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