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Does the "Alt" modifier work in Flash CC 2015?

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I have managed to install EDAPT in Flash CC 2015 (mac) but the keyboard layout preset does not show up in the drop down menu of the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.

I have manually assigned "smart magnet joint" to keystroke "2" which works but it does not create a centre marker when "Alt+2" is pressed.

My feature request would be to break out the centre marker into its own command but in the mean time any help would be appreciated.

asked Jun 30, 2015 by Matt Simkins
edited Jun 30, 2015

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Hi again Matt,

I just tried reassigning the keys in v.2.5 and it works fine.
What you need to understand is that the commands listen for a modifier. The functions can be triggered by any key (you can choose this), but modifiers are coded in the command.

You are either mixing things up in your message or have made a mistake while assigning those keys to the wrong command.

Center Markers (CM) in v.2.5 are created by 18 Create Magnet Target.jsfl as an alternative action.

So you need to assign two shortcuts to this command.
Shift+... will result in MT
Alt+... in CM

If 2 is your chosen key, then [ Shift+2 ] assigned to 18 Create Magnet Target will give you MT
[ Alt+2 ] assigned to 18 Create Magnet Target will give you CM

It can be Shif+5 and Alt+1 - it does not matter - the first will give you MT and the second CM, but you need to assign the keys to 18 Create Magnet Target

19 Smart Magnet Joint is a separate command, which deals with magnet functionality but does not create meta objects.
You can assign 2 to it and you will get the whole [ ` ] functionality of our set ported to [ 2 ]

Hope this helps!

Edit: 18 Aug 2015
Here is a link to a new article which may clarify the issue even further
answered Jul 1, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)
Thanks Nick. You are right, i was mixing things up. I was not aware of the technique of assigning the modifiers, I assumed that assigning "A" would mean that the .jsfl command automatically picked up "Shift+A" So you have answered my question.

I managed to install your shortcuts manually via the .xml file provided so I'm fully set up now. So my timeline of events is.

-Successfully installed the extension by running ExManCmd --install from the Extension Manager CC Application contents.

-Shortcut preset missing so manually installed shortcut keys by placing provided .xml file into the Flash preferences folder. This took a while because there are two library files, the correct one being hidden in OSX 10.10.3

I now have a fully rigged biped character and am very much enjoying the efficiencies that your tools provide.

My task today is to take the fight to my animation team's computers, we've won the CC battle but we haven't won the war.... yet :)

Oh, that's great, Matt!

Glad the tools are functional now.

What should normally be a two-click utterly forgettable install has become stressful with CC 2015 and we're still debugging and trying to get a working script that will automatically do what Extensions Manager used to do in the past - copy files to specific locations and keep track what goes where for the time when they need to be removed.
We're close I think, but users have been freaking out as they lost precious functionality and many are in the middle of production.
Being an animator myself I can relate to that very well. The last thing you want is technical problems. Animation is a complex enough task without them.

Good luck with your project!

We are about to release v.3 with a lot of added features soon - probably in less than a couple of months.

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Hi Matt,

Please refer to this post which I have just published:

Grab the shortcut file from the zip and drop manually into your shortcuts folder.

That should get you going.
CC 2015 is a disaster

As for the separation this is not going to happen - we have taken the opposite route of consolidating the commands even more in v.3 which is on its way.

Please, send me an email (info@flash-powertools.com) if you're interested to try v.3
answered Jun 30, 2015 by nick (6,070 points)