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Is an extension possible to swap symbol with next / previous symbol in library? [Command added to EDAPT v.5]

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Hi, I find your extensions incredibly helpful with my workflow.  Are you aware of a command that would allow one to quickly swap the current symbol with the previous or next symbol in the library using a hotkey.  I would work in a similar way to your next/previous frame in symbol" command, but for symbols in the library.  Thanks, I'm grateful.
closed with the note: Feature implemented in v.5.
asked Jun 23, 2017 by Jay
closed Apr 18, 2021 by nick

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answered Jan 8, 2020 by nick (9,020 points)
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Hello Jay!

I haven't come across such a 'symbol swap' command.

In theory it probably is possible to make, although I'd expect that some very strict naming convention will need to be applied to the library; otherwise previous and next can mean all kinds of things depending on what type of sorting you choose.

A possible workaround: You can assign a hotkey (say F11) to Swap Multiple Symbols command on EDAPT and if  Library is open you could click on desired library element and press the key to swap. It still requires a click, I know.

Even if you need to use movieclips for some reason you can nest the whole lot inside a 'graphic' container and do the 'swapping' via next and previous frame.

Glad you find EDAP Tools useful!
We have a new version in the works with a lot of exciting features, so stay tuned.
answered Jun 27, 2017 by nick (9,020 points)