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Will there be an update for powertools to work in Animate 2018? [CC 2018 patch released]

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Recently Adobe just updated to Animate 2018 and none of my beloved powertools are showing in the updated version. They tried to mimic some of your add ons (less efficiently I might add) but I want my tried and true power tool workflow. I tried reinstalling my powertools but it won't install (It says it does, but none of the commands are there and all my shortcuts are gone). Any idea if/when an updated version of powertools will come out to play with Animate 2018?

I had to reinstall and old version of Animate to keep my powertools working but animate 2017 has been crashing much more on me lately, which is odd.  So you can see I'm in a rock and a hard place.

Still love me some Flash powertools. Thanks for all your brilliant work!
asked Oct 25, 2017 by Dave J
edited Oct 28, 2017 by nick

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Hi Dave!

We have now patched EDAP Tools and there is a special CC 2018 release.

Please, uninstall the previous version that you have and install this one. It should work fine.


Good luck with your work!
answered Oct 28, 2017 by nick (6,570 points)
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Hi Dave!

You can try manual installation:

1. Navigate to Animate's Configuration folder :
on Win
C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Animate CC 2018\<your locale>\Configuration
(check 'show hidden objects' in folder view if AppData is not visible)
on Mac
HD\Users\<YourUserName>\Library\Application\Support\Adobe\Animate\CC\2018\<your locale>\Configuration

2. Copy all files from the unzipped install folder of EDAP Tools to the corresponding subfolders in Animate's Configuration folder:

External Libraries
XULControls ( if this one does not exist, create it )

3. Copy "EDAPT CC shortcuts v3.xml" from the install folder of EDAP Tools. It is located in "..\Source_Files\Shortcuts\"
4. Paste this shortcut file into Animate’s Shortcut folder.
on Win
on Mac

5. Restart Animate and select "EDAPT CC shortcuts v3" from the Animate’s shortcut drop down ( Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts )

answered Oct 26, 2017 by vlad (970 points)
reshown Oct 28, 2017 by nick