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Is there a way to lock feet into place? [SMR IK in EDAP Tools v.6 - pinned effector]

I can't seems to find the answer in the FAQ yet, please feel free to remove my question if my post has already been answered.

I wonder if we can lock the feet into the ground while we animate.

When I animate charcaters I have to replace it at his original anchor point on the ground whenever I change his pose.

Since the body is the main marker, is there a way to assign another part (ex. a foot) as the main marker in the timeline?

Thank you for your tool by the way, it's a great help.


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asked May 29, 2020 by MrSamane22
closed Sep 5, 2023 by nick

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Edap Tools v.6 with pinned Effectors has been released.
answered Sep 11, 2021 by nick
selected Jul 29, 2022 by nick

Hello MrSamane22!


A perfectly valid question.

It has been asked a few times on Facebook and in private correspondence, but it is the first time it's asked here formally.


At this stage the Smart Magnet Rig system is FK only with the addition of certain inverse chain selection methods, so you have to be creative and work with this: Locking feet layers, moving the torso and matching the feet with the legs with the available tools.

In this process you will be assisted by the inverse snapping - Smart Magnet Joint shortcut [Ctrl+`] , inverse Smart Transform Point [Alt+2] [Alt+3] and the various inverse possibilities that Smart Transform gives you [Alt+1] [Shift+1].


At this stage I will also say this:
The SMR system is being actively developed and features are added with each new release. So keep an eye on our news feed, our YouTube channel and our Facebook page for future announcements. 


We really appreciate your kind words regarding our work.

answered May 29, 2020 by nick
Thank you for your fast answer!

I will keep an eye on your social media pages in future for next releases.


This short video that we just 'leaked' should have some answers: 


Edit 18 Jul 2020:
Now all important news regarding the upcoming EDAPT v.6 release and our implementation of SMR IK are posted here: