Free your­self from the shack­les of poor 20th cen­tu­ry UX and take part in the Flash Ani­ma­tion Renais­sance!

With Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools not even one sec­ond is spent on waste­ful, monot­o­nous inter­ac­tions with the interface.
This allows you to focus all your cre­ative ener­gy and ded­i­cate it to mak­ing bet­ter cartoons!

Rigging and Posing tools

Ready to bring your Flash or Ani­mate pup­pet build to the next level?
Ready to try what real flex­i­bil­i­ty, mag­net­ic joints and pro­fes­sion­al-grade For­ward and Inverse Kine­mat­ics taste like?

Fix the Reg­is­tra­tion points with Set Reg Point To Trans­form Point or Make Edapt­able and rig your sym­bols in sec­onds with the FreeStyle Rig­ging Tool.

Upgrade from the lim­it­ing, under­de­vel­oped Lay­er Par­ent­ing sys­tem to a ful­ly-func­tion­al Smart Mag­net Rig with one click on the SMRize Par­ent­ed button.

Inspect, repair or edit your Smart Mag­net Rigs, revise the hier­ar­chi­cal rela­tion­ship between SMR ele­ments and Roll Over meta­da­ta with Smart Mag­net Rig pan­el and the SMR Helpers pan­el.

Enjoy flu­id­ly inter­ac­tive and organ­ic FK/IK pos­ing with the rev­o­lu­tion­ary SMR Kine­Flex. Chain-select groups of sym­bol instances in all imag­in­able ways with Smart Trans­form and bring back stray ele­ments to their intend­ed loca­tion with Smart Mag­net Joint.

Character Animation tools

Batch cre­ate Keyframes for all lay­ers nest­ed with­in a Time­line fold­er while pre­serv­ing eas­ing in Clas­sic Tweens with Con­vert To Keyframe Advanced.
Quick­ly and inter­ac­tive­ly choose the desired First Frame of a Graph­ic sym­bol with Next / Pre­vi­ous Frame In Sym­bol or Smart Graph­ic Con­trol pan­el.
Syn­chro­nize sec­tions or whole inter­nal and exter­nal Time­lines (even with off­set) with the press of a key with Sync Sym­bols To Time­line.

Sym­bol swap when you have to with­out even look­ing at the Library or being inter­rupt­ed by any dialogs with Pre­vi­ous Or Next Sym­bol In Library.
Auto-gen­er­ate stag­ger graphs to ani­mate strain or laugh­ter with only two Keyframes with Stag­ger Tween. Get your ele­ments to tween along beau­ti­ful clean arcs with Clean Up or Lay­er Par­ent­ing Tog­gle.

Color and Stroke Management tools

Eas­i­ly cre­ate, man­age and switch between mul­ti­ple col­or palettes per char­ac­ter with Sym­bol Palette Con­trol pan­el. Opti­mize the num­ber of col­ors in com­plex designs or make any last minute col­or changes to already com­plete ani­ma­tions. A tool much more ver­sa­tile and pow­er­ful than Tagged Swatch­es in Animate.

Some­times you just need to change stroke style or thick­ness after you have put days and weeks of work on an ani­ma­tion and you have hun­dreds of draw­ings and sym­bols. You open the default Find And Replace dia­log in the vanil­la app only to real­ize in dis­be­lief that there is no such option there. Find And Replace Strokes will save you count­less hours in stress­ful sit­u­a­tions when you need this time the most.

Special Effects tools

Make full use of Fil­ters such as blur and glow in Flash, where they are only avail­able for Movie Clip sym­bols. Con­vert a sec­tion of ani­ma­tion which needs spe­cial effects to a series of sin­gle-frame Movie Clips with Frames To Movieclips in a total­ly non-destruc­tive way.

Apply Blend­ing modes and Fil­ters to Keyframes and Frames-To-Movieclips sequences. Tween between spe­cif­ic keyframe val­ues with Effects Tween.

Even in new­er ver­sions of Ani­mate where it is pos­si­ble to use Advanced Lay­ers and apply Fil­ters to Graph­ic sym­bols, if you only need a bunch of dry brush smears you may pre­fer to keep Advanced Lay­ers off and use Frames To Movieclips instead.

Asset Management tools

Quick­ly and eas­i­ly put all your Library assets in order by batch renam­ing them the way you like with LB Rename or adding sequen­tial num­ber­ing with LB Enu­mer­a­tion.
LB Rename allows you to add pre­fix and suf­fix, trim a spec­i­fied num­ber of char­ac­ters off Library items’ names or Find and Replace. You can work with man­u­al­ly select­ed items, select­ed Library folder(s) or the entire Library.

What if you need to cre­ate a dif­fer­ent col­or vari­ant of an exist­ing char­ac­ter or if you need to pro­duce vari­a­tions of com­plex heav­i­ly-nest­ed rigs? Dupli­cate Sym­bol Recur­sive allows you to cre­ate a deep copy, dupli­cat­ing all nest­ed sym­bols in sec­onds. You can now work on this clone with­out wor­ry­ing that it might affect your orig­i­nal design.

General Ergonomics improvements

Improve speed and ergonom­ics while work­ing in Flash by quick­ly chang­ing the Lay­er Col­or via a key­board short­cut and with­out the need to actu­al­ly click on the timeline.

Tog­gle Out­line View or Guide a bunch of lay­ers via a short­cut with Lay­er Out­lines Or Guide Tog­gle, based on your cur­rent selec­tion on the Stage or in the Time­line. In vanil­la Flash it is impos­si­ble to do this with a key and even in Ani­mate where you can assign short­cuts to these func­tions, you need to click on the Time­line and make lay­er selec­tion first which does­n’t real­ly save clicks or time.

Mul­ti-swap sym­bol instances with one select­ed sym­bol in the Library even over Mul­ti­ple Keyframes with Swap Mul­ti­ple Sym­bols – some­thing impos­si­ble to do in out-of-the-box Flash.

Extensive Documentation and Tutorials

Learn at a com­fort­able pace about all EDAPT fea­tures and cus­tomiz­able set­tings. Access each tool’s ded­i­cat­ed help page direct­ly from with­in Flash or Ani­mate. Read about typ­i­cal usage sce­nar­ios. Watch the video demon­stra­tions and find new cre­ative ways to apply the new­ly acquired knowl­edge to your unique projects.

Acquaint your­self with the tech­nol­o­gy behind Smart Mag­net Rigs. Build your char­ac­ters accord­ing to the best indus­try prac­tices, described in the fun­da­men­tal arti­cles on Clas­sic Tween Work­flow and Pro­fes­sion­al Char­ac­ter Rig­ging.
Even if you are an expe­ri­enced Flash ani­ma­tion pro­fes­sion­al, it may still be worth check­ing these two and esp. the in-depth post on Sym­bol Reg­is­tra­tion.

Knowl­edge is pow­er. It gives you bet­ter con­trol over your pro­duc­tion and results in more organ­ic and cin­e­mat­ic ani­ma­tion.

Free sample Character Rigs

Check out all the cool free sam­ple Smart Mag­net Rigs. Down­load them to quick­ly test the tools or to study how they were made – how ele­ments are nest­ed, how the joints work.

If you are a stu­dent you can use Kine­Fox, SMRab­bit and SMR Mag­neBot for your stud­ies. Start ani­mat­ing right away and build your own char­ac­ters later.

If you have years of expe­ri­ence with Flash and Ani­mate it will still be good to have these rigs for tech­ni­cal ref­er­ence, trou­ble-shoot­ing and exper­i­men­ta­tion or just have some fun with the FreeStyle RoboK­it.

These are all broad­cast-qual­i­ty rigs, suit­able for test­ing every sin­gle fea­ture of the EDAPT toolset.

Welcome aboard!

Start enjoy­ing ani­mat­ing in Flash again. Lose that feel­ing that you were left behind and aban­doned, that the pro­gram you love so much was com­plete­ly over­tak­en by Toon­Boom and Moho.

Boost­ed by Flan­i­mate Pow­er Tools, Flash and Ani­mate are back in the game!

No mat­ter how old your ver­sion of Flash may be, with EDAP Tools it has a brand new 16-cylin­der tur­bo-charged engine, ready to break all land speed records.
Shake the dust off those aban­doned projects, sharp­en your pen­cils, set those tires on fire!

Join the Flash Ani­ma­tion Revolution!


FreeStyle Rigging tool

An inter­ac­tive tool for cre­at­ing Smart Mag­net Rig hier­ar­chies. Mag­net Tar­gets and Cen­ter Mark­ers are auto­mat­i­cal­ly added when needed.

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SMR Helpers panel

Flex­i­ble, cus­tomiz­able pan­el with mul­ti­ple but­tons, pro­vid­ing easy access to func­tion­al­i­ty relat­ed to rig­ging, edit­ing, pos­ing, manip­u­lat­ing or repair­ing of Smart Mag­net Rigs.

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Element Welder

Welds an ele­ment of a Smart Mag­net Rig to its parent.
When a child ele­ment is weld­ed to its par­ent it always moves in Hard Rota­tion when the par­ent is rotat­ed with KineFlex.

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SMRize Parented

SMRize Par­ent­ed (Par­ent­ed Lay­ers to Smart Mag­net Rig) is an ele­gant auto­mat­ed script which allows you to upgrade to the far supe­ri­or Smart Mag­net Rig sys­tem very easily.

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Layer Parenting Toggle

Tog­gles ON or OFF Lay­er Par­ent­ing, based on the cur­rent selec­tion and the exist­ing hier­ar­chy of a Smart Mag­net Rig.

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IK Clean Up

Cleans up clas­sic tweens of SMR IK Chains by cre­at­ing Keyframes at every frame.

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Create And Manage IK Objects

Cre­ates 3 types of EDAPT Objects: SMR Effec­tor, SMR Brace and FK Exten­der. SMR Con­trollers are used to con­trol IK chains with SMR KineFlex.
It also allows cre­at­ing but­tons for non-EDAPT user-defined commands.

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EDAPT Commands panel

Inter­ac­tive, cus­tomiz­able pan­el, pro­vid­ing but­ton access to EDAPT Commands.
It also allows cre­at­ing but­tons for non-EDAPT user-defined commands.

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Symbol Palette Control panel

Inter­ac­tive pan­el which allows users to cre­ate mul­ti­ple col­or palettes asso­ci­at­ed with a Sym­bol and then switch between these palettes.
Col­or palettes can be copied (cloned), mod­i­fied with col­or effects, reor­ga­nized, saved as files or loaded from a saved file.

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Prev Or Next Symbol In Library

Swaps the cur­rent­ly select­ed Sym­bol instance with the next or pre­vi­ous Sym­bol in the Library. Works with­in the con­fine­ment of a Library Fold­er and always goes through the list in alpha­bet­i­cal order.

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Change Master Parent

Rede­fines the par­ent-child hier­ar­chy in a Smart Mag­net Rig by re-assign­ing Mas­ter Par­ent sta­tus to the cur­rent­ly select­ed Sym­bol instance and invert­ing some hier­ar­chi­cal chains when necessary.

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Duplicate Symbol Recursive

Cre­ates a com­plete ‘deep copy’ / ‘clone’ of a sym­bol. All nest­ed sym­bols are also dupli­cat­ed. The con­tain­er and all its con­tent become com­plete­ly inde­pen­dent of the original.

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An extreme­ly pow­er­ful tool which allows pre­cise quick pos­ing, uti­liz­ing the avail­able hier­ar­chi­cal struc­ture of a Smart Mag­net Rig.
Kine­Flex appears in the tools palette next to or below Free Trans­form (Q) tool.

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Smart Graphic Control

Inter­ac­tive pan­el which allows users to cre­ate Thumb­nails for each frame of the con­tent of a Graph­ic Sym­bol and then to con­trol the ‘loop­ing’ set­ting and ‘first frame’ for a par­tic­u­lar Sym­bol Instance, by click­ing on the desired thumbnail.

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Stagger Tween

Cre­ates a zigzag ‘stag­ger’ cus­tom ease graph between two keys in a Clas­sic tween. Posi­tions anchor points pre­cise­ly at frames and offers a choice of sev­er­al pre­sets, which can lat­er be tweaked by the ani­ma­tors to bet­ter suit their needs.

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Find And Replace Strokes

Finds and replaces stroke prop­er­ties across all shapes in the cur­rent doc­u­ment. Allows to process Thick­ness, Col­or, Alpha and Style sep­a­rate­ly or in any combination.

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Timeline Block To Symbol

Con­verts a select­ed block of frames to a Sym­bol, pre­serv­ing its rel­a­tive posi­tion and lay­er structure.

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Clean Up

‘Cleans up’ bro­ken arcs in Clas­sic Tweens, by auto-key­ing every frame and snap­ping ele­ments to their Mag­net Tar­gets (MT). Sug­gest­ed use: When we need to quick­ly and effi­cient­ly clean up a limb, bro­ken dur­ing rotation.

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Frames To Movieclips

Nests a block of frames inside a Graph­ic Sym­bol con­tain­er (to pre­serve it) and then con­verts it to a sequence of sin­gle frame Movie Clips. Sug­gest­ed use: The only way to apply a fil­ter to ani­ma­tion, but also keep it ‘exportable’ is to con­vert each frame to a Movie Clip.

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Effects Tween

Tweens the val­ues of Fil­ters and Col­or Effects between any num­ber of frames in a frame-by-frame sequence, cre­at­ed by Frames To Movieclips. First and last key in the selec­tion must have Fil­ters and/or Effects applied to them.

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Enter Or Punch Current Frame

Enter only. Sym­bol is entered for edit­ing at the cur­rent­ly dis­played (key)frame.
Punch only. Sym­bol is ‘punched’ i.e. the cur­rent frame of a Sym­bol­’s entire Time­line is con­vert­ed to keys from the outside.

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Convert To Keyframe Advanced

Con­verts select­ed frames to Keyframes. Fea­ture-rich com­plete replace­ment of the stan­dard F6 (Con­vert to Keyframes) behav­ior. Con­vert To Keyframe Advanced now pre­serves sim­ple and cus­tom eas­ing in exist­ing Clas­sic Tweens.

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Smart Transform

Smart Trans­form only works when rigs have been build using Mag­net Tar­gets and hier­ar­chies have been estab­lished via Smart Mag­net Rig panel.
Smart Trans­form allows chain selec­tion of ele­ments for trans­for­ma­tion based on for­ward or inverse model.

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Smart Magnet Joint

Upon exe­cu­tion the com­mand repo­si­tions the select­ed (chil­dren) Symbol(s) match­ing their Reg­is­tra­tion points to the reg­is­tra­tion points of a Mag­net Tar­get present in a par­ent symbol.

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Library Rename

Renam­ing of mul­ti­ple Library items in 3 dif­fer­ent modes:
Adding of Pre­fix and/or Suf­fix, Trim­ming the names of Library items, Find­ing and Replac­ing spe­cif­ic characters.

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Library Enumeration

Allows adding sequen­tial num­ber­ing to the names of Library items as well as bas­ing those names on the names of con­tain­ing fold­ers. Sug­gest­ed use: To quick­ly and eas­i­ly enu­mer­ate (rename) mul­ti­ple Library items.

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Next/Prev Frame In Symbol or Next/Prev Keyframe

Dis­plays the next / pre­vi­ous frame of the inter­nal Time­line of the cur­rent­ly select­ed Graph­ic Symbol(s) or moves the play­back head (jumps) to the next / pre­voius Keyframe on the cur­rent­ly active layer.

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Smart Transform Point CCW

Smart Trans­form Point CCW cycles the Trans­for­ma­tion point of mul­ti­ple select­ed sym­bols to the left (counter clock-wise).

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Smart Transform Point CW

Smart Trans­form Point CW cycles the Trans­for­ma­tion point of mul­ti­ple select­ed sym­bols to the right (clock-wise).

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Set Reg Point To Transform Point

Adjusts the Reg­is­tra­tion Point of the select­ed Sym­bol to match the cur­rent loca­tion of its Trans­for­ma­tion Point. Sug­gest­ed use: Pre­cise posi­tion­ing of per­ma­nent Reg­is­tra­tion Point…

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Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle

Tog­gles out­line mode or guides (hides) the select­ed layer(s). Sug­gest­ed use: For quick access to out­line mode from the key­board when needed.

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Layer Color

Loops through a selec­tion of pre­de­fined cus­tomiz­able high-con­trast lay­er col­ors for out­line mode. Sug­gest­ed use: Elim­i­nates the prob­lem of the default low-con­trast ran­dom­ly gen­er­at­ed lay­er out­line col­ors. Bet­ter suit­ed for…

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Swap Multiple Symbols

Swaps mul­ti­ple Sym­bols. Sug­gest­ed use: Allows swap­ping of mul­ti­ple select­ed Sym­bols on Stage with one cur­rent­ly select­ed Sym­bol in the Library.

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Sync Symbols To Timeline

Syn­chro­nizes select­ed keyframes to the frame num­ber of the cur­rent Time­line. Sug­gest­ed use: When sync­ing of inter­nal and exter­nal Time­lines is required and the default Flash sync fea­ture doesn’t work. This usu­al­ly hap­pens if Symbols…

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Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker

Cre­ates two types of invis­i­ble objects (and lay­ers for them), nec­es­sary for the func­tion­ing of Smart Mag­net Joint and Smart Transform.

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Smart Magnet Rig panel

Inter­ac­tive pan­el through which users are able to visu­al­ly estab­lish the hier­ar­chi­cal struc­tures for the Smart Mag­net Builds and link Sym­bols in par­ent-chil­dren relationships.

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