Free yourself from the shackles of poor 20th century UX and take part in the Flash Animation Renaissance!

With Flanimate Power Tools not even one second is spent on wasteful, monotonous interactions with the interface.
This allows you to focus all your creative energy and dedicate it to making better cartoons!

Rigging and Posing tools

Ready to bring your Flash or Animate puppet build to the next level?
Ready to try what real flexibility, magnetic joints and professional-grade Forward and Inverse Kinematics taste like?

Fix the Registration points with Set Reg Point To Transform Point or Make Edaptable and rig your symbols in seconds with the FreeStyle Rigging Tool.

Upgrade from the limiting, underdeveloped Layer Parenting system to a fully-functional Smart Magnet Rig with one click on the SMRize Parented button.

Inspect, repair or edit your Smart Magnet Rigs, revise the hierarchical relationship between SMR elements and Roll Over metadata with Smart Magnet Rig panel and the SMR Helpers panel.

Enjoy fluidly interactive and organic FK/IK posing with the revolutionary SMR KineFlex. Chain-select groups of symbol instances in all imaginable ways with Smart Transform and bring back stray elements to their intended location with Smart Magnet Joint.

Character Animation tools

Batch create Keyframes for all layers nested within a Timeline folder while preserving easing in Classic Tweens with Convert To Keyframe Advanced.
Quickly and interactively choose the desired First Frame of a Graphic symbol with Next / Previous Frame In Symbol or Smart Graphic Control panel.
Synchronize sections or whole internal and external Timelines (even with offset) with the press of a key with Sync Symbols To Timeline.

Symbol swap when you have to without even looking at the Library or being interrupted by any dialogs with Previous Or Next Symbol In Library.
Auto-generate stagger graphs to animate strain or laughter with only two Keyframes with Stagger Tween. Get your elements to tween along beautiful clean arcs with Clean Up or Layer Parenting Toggle.

Color and Stroke Management tools

Easily create, manage and switch between multiple color palettes per character with Symbol Palette Control panel. Optimize the number of colors in complex designs or make any last minute color changes to already complete animations. A tool much more versatile and powerful than Tagged Swatches in Animate.

Sometimes you just need to change stroke style or thickness after you have put days and weeks of work on an animation and you have hundreds of drawings and symbols. You open the default Find And Replace dialog in the vanilla app only to realize in disbelief that there is no such option there. Find And Replace Strokes will save you countless hours in stressful situations when you need this time the most.

Special Effects tools

Make full use of Filters such as blur and glow in Flash, where they are only available for Movie Clip symbols. Convert a section of animation which needs special effects to a series of single-frame Movie Clips with Frames To Movieclips in a totally non-destructive way.

Apply Blending modes and Filters to Keyframes and Frames-To-Movieclips sequences. Tween between specific keyframe values with Effects Tween.

Even in newer versions of Animate where it is possible to use Advanced Layers and apply Filters to Graphic symbols, if you only need a bunch of dry brush smears you may prefer to keep Advanced Layers off and use Frames To Movieclips instead.

Asset Management tools

Quickly and easily put all your Library assets in order by batch renaming them the way you like with LB Rename or adding sequential numbering with LB Enumeration.
LB Rename allows you to add prefix and suffix, trim a specified number of characters off Library items' names or Find and Replace. You can work with manually selected items, selected Library folder(s) or the entire Library.

What if you need to create a different color variant of an existing character or if you need to produce variations of complex heavily-nested rigs? Duplicate Symbol Recursive allows you to create a deep copy, duplicating all nested symbols in seconds. You can now work on this clone without worrying that it might affect your original design.

General Ergonomics improvements

Improve speed and ergonomics while working in Flash by quickly changing the Layer Color via a keyboard shortcut and without the need to actually click on the timeline.

Toggle Outline View or Guide a bunch of layers via a shortcut with Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle, based on your current selection on the Stage or in the Timeline. In vanilla Flash it is impossible to do this with a key and even in Animate where you can assign shortcuts to these functions, you need to click on the Timeline and make layer selection first which doesn't really save clicks or time.

Multi-swap symbol instances with one selected symbol in the Library even over Multiple Keyframes with Swap Multiple Symbols – something impossible to do in out-of-the-box Flash.

Extensive Documentation and Tutorials

Learn at a comfortable pace about all EDAPT features and customizable settings. Access each tool's dedicated help page directly from within Flash or Animate. Read about typical usage scenarios. Watch the video demonstrations and find new creative ways to apply the newly acquired knowledge to your unique projects.

Acquaint yourself with the technology behind Smart Magnet Rigs. Build your characters according to the best industry practices, described in the fundamental articles on Classic Tween Workflow and Professional Character Rigging.
Even if you are an experienced Flash animation professional, it may still be worth checking these two and esp. the in-depth post on Symbol Registration.

Knowledge is power. It gives you better control over your production and results in more organic and cinematic animation.

Free sample Character Rigs

Check out all the cool free sample Smart Magnet Rigs. Download them to quickly test the tools or to study how they were made – how elements are nested, how the joints work.

If you are a student you can use KineFox, SMRabbit and SMR MagneBot for your studies. Start animating right away and build your own characters later.

If you have years of experience with Flash and Animate it will still be good to have these rigs for technical reference, trouble-shooting and experimentation or just have some fun with the FreeStyle RoboKit.

These are all broadcast-quality rigs, suitable for testing every single feature of the EDAPT toolset.

Welcome aboard!

Start enjoying animating in Flash again. Lose that feeling that you were left behind and abandoned, that the program you love so much was completely overtaken by ToonBoom and Moho.

Boosted by Flanimate Power Tools, Flash and Animate are back in the game!

No matter how old your version of Flash may be, with EDAP Tools it has a brand new 16-cylinder turbo-charged engine, ready to break all land speed records.
Shake the dust off those abandoned projects, sharpen your pencils, set those tires on fire!

Join the Flash Animation Revolution!


FreeStyle Rigging tool

An interactive tool for creating Smart Magnet Rig hierarchies. Magnet Targets and Center Markers are automatically added when needed.

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SMR Helpers panel

Flexible, customizable panel with multiple buttons, providing easy access to functionality related to rigging, editing, posing, manipulating or repairing of Smart Magnet Rigs.

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Element Welder

Welds an element of a Smart Magnet Rig to its parent.
When a child element is welded to its parent it always moves in Hard Rotation when the parent is rotated with KineFlex.

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SMRize Parented

SMRize Parented (Parented Layers to Smart Magnet Rig) is an elegant automated script which allows you to upgrade to the far superior Smart Magnet Rig system very easily.

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Layer Parenting Toggle

Toggles ON or OFF Layer Parenting, based on the current selection and the existing hierarchy of a Smart Magnet Rig.

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IK Clean Up

Cleans up classic tweens of SMR IK Chains by creating Keyframes at every frame.

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Create And Manage IK Objects

Creates 3 types of EDAPT Objects: SMR Effector, SMR Brace and FK Extender. SMR Controllers are used to control IK chains with SMR KineFlex.
It also allows creating buttons for non-EDAPT user-defined commands.

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EDAPT Commands panel

Interactive, customizable panel, providing button access to EDAPT Commands.
It also allows creating buttons for non-EDAPT user-defined commands.

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Symbol Palette Control panel

Interactive panel which allows users to create multiple color palettes associated with a Symbol and then switch between these palettes.
Color palettes can be copied (cloned), modified with color effects, reorganized, saved as files or loaded from a saved file.

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Prev Or Next Symbol In Library

Swaps the currently selected Symbol instance with the next or previous Symbol in the Library. Works within the confinement of a Library Folder and always goes through the list in alphabetical order.

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Change Master Parent

Redefines the parent-child hierarchy in a Smart Magnet Rig by re-assigning Master Parent status to the currently selected Symbol instance and inverting some hierarchical chains when necessary.

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Duplicate Symbol Recursive

Creates a complete 'deep copy' / 'clone' of a symbol. All nested symbols are also duplicated. The container and all its content become completely independent of the original.

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An extremely powerful tool which allows precise quick posing, utilizing the available hierarchical structure of a Smart Magnet Rig.
KineFlex appears in the tools palette next to or below Free Transform (Q) tool.

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Smart Graphic Control

Interactive panel which allows users to create Thumbnails for each frame of the content of a Graphic Symbol and then to control the 'looping' setting and 'first frame' for a particular Symbol Instance, by clicking on the desired thumbnail.

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Stagger Tween

Creates a zigzag ‘stagger’ custom ease graph between two keys in a Classic tween. Positions anchor points precisely at frames and offers a choice of several presets, which can later be tweaked by the animators to better suit their needs.

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Find And Replace Strokes

Finds and replaces stroke properties across all shapes in the current document. Allows to process Thickness, Color, Alpha and Style separately or in any combination.

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Timeline Block To Symbol

Converts a selected block of frames to a Symbol, preserving its relative position and layer structure.

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Clean Up

'Cleans up' broken arcs in Classic Tweens, by auto-keying every frame and snapping elements to their Magnet Targets (MT). Suggested use: When we need to quickly and efficiently clean up a limb, broken during rotation.

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Frames To Movieclips

Nests a block of frames inside a Graphic Symbol container (to preserve it) and then converts it to a sequence of single frame Movie Clips. Suggested use: The only way to apply a filter to animation, but also keep it 'exportable' is to convert each frame to a Movie Clip.

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Effects Tween

Tweens the values of Filters and Color Effects between any number of frames in a frame-by-frame sequence, created by Frames To Movieclips. First and last key in the selection must have Filters and/or Effects applied to them.

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Enter Or Punch Current Frame

Enter only. Symbol is entered for editing at the currently displayed (key)frame.
Punch only. Symbol is 'punched' i.e. the current frame of a Symbol's entire Timeline is converted to keys from the outside.

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Convert To Keyframe Advanced

Converts selected frames to Keyframes. Feature-rich complete replacement of the standard F6 (Convert to Keyframes) behavior. Convert To Keyframe Advanced now preserves simple and custom easing in existing Classic Tweens.

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Smart Transform

Smart Transform only works when rigs have been build using Magnet Targets and hierarchies have been established via Smart Magnet Rig panel.
Smart Transform allows chain selection of elements for transformation based on forward or inverse model.

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Smart Magnet Joint

Upon execution the command repositions the selected (children) Symbol(s) matching their Registration points to the registration points of a Magnet Target present in a parent symbol.

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Library Rename

Renaming of multiple Library items in 3 different modes:
Adding of Prefix and/or Suffix, Trimming the names of Library items, Finding and Replacing specific characters.

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Library Enumeration

Allows adding sequential numbering to the names of Library items as well as basing those names on the names of containing folders. Suggested use: To quickly and easily enumerate (rename) multiple Library items.

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Next/Prev Frame In Symbol or Next/Prev Keyframe

Displays the next / previous frame of the internal Timeline of the currently selected Graphic Symbol(s) or moves the playback head (jumps) to the next / prevoius Keyframe on the currently active layer.

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Smart Transform Point CCW

Smart Transform Point CCW cycles the Transformation point of multiple selected symbols to the left (counter clock-wise).

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Smart Transform Point CW

Smart Transform Point CW cycles the Transformation point of multiple selected symbols to the right (clock-wise).

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Set Reg Point To Transform Point

Adjusts the Registration Point of the selected Symbol to match the current location of its Transformation Point. Suggested use: Precise positioning of permanent Registration Point…

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Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle

Tog­gles out­line mode or guides (hides) the selected layer(s). Suggested use: For quick access to outline mode from the keyboard when needed.

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Layer Color

Loops through a selection of predefined customizable high-contrast layer colors for outline mode. Suggested use: Eliminates the problem of the default low-contrast randomly generated layer outline colors. Better suited for…

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Swap Multiple Symbols

Swaps multiple Symbols. Suggested use: Allows swapping of multiple selected Symbols on Stage with one currently selected Symbol in the Library.

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Sync Symbols To Timeline

Synchronizes selected keyframes to the frame number of the current Timeline. Suggested use: When syncing of internal and external Timelines is required and the default Flash sync feature doesn’t work. This usually happens if Symbols…

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Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker

Creates two types of invisible objects (and layers for them), necessary for the functioning of Smart Magnet Joint and Smart Transform.

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Smart Magnet Rig panel

Interactive panel through which users are able to visually establish the hierarchical structures for the Smart Magnet Builds and link Symbols in parent-children relationships.

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