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I spoke with Zach Cohen – an animation professional, living in Tel Aviv, Israel. A friend of EDAP Tools, he is a university lecturer, an illustrator and animator with a unique and distinct art style.

Zach was very kind to agree to speak with me, so that we can learn more about his work and reflections upon the world of animation. Read more
I spoke with Sergio Rodríguez Valdunciel – an animation professional, living in València, Spain.

A long-time friend of EDAP Tools, Sergio is an animation lecturer, does studio work and is actively engaged in the worldwide animation community. He is a technical innovator, who has made incredible contributions to Flash production workflows, which need to be widely acknowledged.

I'm very happy to share our engaging conversation with the audience. Read more
This is a hotfix update for Animate 22.0.4 and newer. Fixed dialog buttons and checkboxes in Animate 22.0.4 and newer. In Animate 22.0.4 Adobe broke all plugin dialogs. We reported the issue to them immediately, but they did not fix it in Animate 22.0.5.
This update restores normal EDAPT experience for all Animate 22+ users. Read more
Freshly Flanimated – our new YouTube channel!

There you'll find:
• Videos with Flanimate Power Tools tips and tricks
• Smart Magnet Rigging advice
• Advanced and creative ways of using EDAP Tools
• Little known Flash animation techniques
• Early feature announcements (leaks) Read more