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Freshly Flanimated – our new YouTube channel!

There you'll find:
• Videos with Flanimate Power Tools tips and tricks
• Smart Magnet Rigging advice
• Advanced and creative ways of using EDAP Tools
• Little known Flash animation techniques
• Early feature announcements (leaks) Read more
This year marks the tenth anniversary of our first public release in 2011 – EDAP Tools v. It has been a long and exciting journey.

Very early on we made some important discoveries which led to the invention of Smart Magnet Rigs – our revolutionary rigging and posing system, introduced in 2013. Since then we have been developing SMR with a clear vision and only one goal: to provide the best possible rigging and posing tools to all Flash / Animate users, which will help them produce higher quality digital cutout animation. Read more
Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix is an organic-looking character, with functional joints, based on overlapping circles.

A fully functional Smart Magnet Rig (TM), Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix is suitable for testing SMR FK and SMR IK with KineFlex, Element Welder, Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint, Clean Up, Smart Graphic Control and all other features and tools in the EDAPT package. Read more

EDAP Tools v. released

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The Electric Dog team is proud to introduce Flanimate Power Tools v. This is a major stable release Structural changes New tools Added features Performance improvements Bug fixes For more information, please read EDAP Tools v.6.0 release notes. It is Read more

More powerful and flexible than ever before, EDAP Tools v.6 come with a new FreeStyle Rigging tool, fully-fledged professional-grade Inverse Kinematics implementation, Layer Parenting integration, polish, stability, performance and UX improvements, and much more! Below are some of the highlights from Read more