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Click on the name of any of the tools below to go directly to its description article and video demonstration.

LB Enumeration Clean Up (SMR)
LB Rename IK Clean Up (SMR)
Create And Manage IK Objects (SMR) Find And Replace Strokes
Create Magnet Target Or Center Marker (SMR) Frames To Movieclips
Set Reg Point To Transform Point Effects Tween
KineFlex (SMR Tool) Stagger Tween
FreeStyle Rigging (SMR Tool) Swap Multiple Symbols
Layer Color Timeline Block To Symbol
Layer Outlines Or Guide Toggle Last EDAPT Command Quick Settings
Layer Parenting Toggle (SMR) EDAPT Control Panel
Convert To Keyframe Advanced Element Welder (SMR)
Enter Or Punch Current Frame Make Edaptable
Next Frame In Symbol Or Next Keyframe SMRize Parented
Prev Frame In Symbol Or Prev Keyframe Move / Solve (SMR)
Prev Or Next Symbol In Library Roll Over Rig Info (SMR)
Sync Symbols To Timeline SMR Helpers panel
Smart Magnet Joint (SMR) Smart Magnet Rig panel
Smart Transform (SMR) Smart Graphic Control panel
Smart Transform Point CCW (SMR) Symbol Palette Control panel
Smart Transform Point CW (SMR) EDAPT Commands panel
Duplicate Symbol Recursive EDAPT Keyboard Shortcuts
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Part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Func­tion­al­i­ty An inter­ac­tive tool for cre­at­ing Smart Mag­net Rig ™ hier­ar­chies. FreeStyle Rig­ging (SMR Tool) is usu­al­ly grouped with Kine­Flex (SMR Tool). It can be cho­sen by long-click­­ing the Kine­Flex icon and then Read more

This pan­el is part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Func­tion­al­i­ty Flex­i­ble, cus­tomiz­able pan­el with mul­ti­ple but­tons, pro­vid­ing easy access to func­tion­al­i­ty relat­ed to rig­ging, edit­ing, pos­ing, manip­u­lat­ing or repair­ing of Smart Mag­net Rigs. Pre­mi­um licens­es are also acti­vat­ed and Read more

This com­mand is part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Smart Mag­net Rigs are built around the use of the per­ma­nent Reg­is­tra­tion Points for all cal­cu­la­tions and trans­for­ma­tions. Tweens use the more tem­po­rary Trans­for­ma­tion Point as piv­ot of trans­for­ma­tions. For Read more

Part of the Smart Mag­net Rig work­flow Func­tion­al­i­ty Cleans up clas­sic tweens of SMR IK Chains by cre­at­ing Keyframes at every frame.  Ini­tial selec­tion has to be one SMR IK Effec­tor. Press­ing the IK Clean Up but­ton in the SMR Helpers Read more