Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools for Windows and Mac

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EDAPT Setup Flash 8, CS all, CC all 650k CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Download Now
Adobe Animate 2020 users, please, read this note.
Flash Pro CC, CC14, CC15, Animate CC 2015, CC 2017, CC 2018 users, please, read these important notes!

The software can be used for commercial productions and projects.
Installation instructions are available here.

Sample Files

File Works with Size License Download
EDAPT SMR MagneBot v3c.fla Flash 8, CS all, CC all 600k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT SMR KineFox v2b.fla Flash 8, CS all, CC all 350k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT SMR Rabbit v2b.fla Flash 8, CS all, CC all 400k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT SMR FreeStyle RoboKit Flash 8, CS all, CC all 580k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Movie Template Flash 8, CS all, CC all 1700k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
EDAPT Storyboard Flash 8, CS all, CC all 1150k CC BY-NC-SA Download Now
Note to Animate CC users, regarding the sample FLA files

All sample FLA files are in Flash 8 format for compatibility with older versions of Flash.
When you first open one of these files, Animate will show a generic message:

Just click OK and save the file in the newer Animate format. The message will not appear again.

The character Flash builds above are designed to be used for test or educational purposes only.
Selling them or using them in commercial projects is strictly prohibited.


You're the best! Perfect Tools. Thanks!

Hi Before I go and use this wonderful tool in production. Will it be possible to upgrade to V4 mid production?
I must say stumbling across these flash powertools is awesome!! Tutorials are nice and clear too!

Hi Jeroon,

Glad you found us and welcome!

Short answer is 'yes'.

Switching from 3.5 to 4.0 will be literally a matter of a few clicks. All rigs will work while you will have richer SMR functionality with additional features for Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint as well as the new KineFlex.

We design and develop the tools with advanced users and industry professionals in mind. We understand how important version compatibility is and always take conservative approaches to UX.

This project has been in development since 2009-2010 with our first official release in 2011. In the last few years it has really matured and developed way beyond our humble initial goals. Our plans for v.5 are very exciting too.

Look around and if you like the experience, help spread the word.
Also never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you come across any difficulties.
We try to always support our releases with good documentation and with v.4 there will be videos accompanying each of the tools.


I was using your tools and was so happy about them!
Unfortunately in the latest Prerelease build CC19 (build M9) some of them stopped working. One important tool is Timeline Block To Symbol, which now just crashes Animate… Is there any chance there will be an update for this?

Hello Danas!

Glad to hear you like the tools!

It will be rushed and premature to try to write fixes before Adobe have a stable release of CC19.
These pre-release builds are not even alpha and they keep fiddling with all kinds of things all of the time, breaking transformation matrices, etc.

You may also realise that none of the CC19 new functionality (layer parenting, tagged swatches) is available to control via the API. We have tried to speak about this with the dev team in Bangalore with no results for now.

Best regards!

Thank you so much for these! I'm just starting to teach myself how to make cartoons in Flash and this looks like it will be incredibly helpful in the learning process.

You're most welcome, mate!

Since you're just starting check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your characters for animation and also the fundamental article on Classic Tween workflow.

Good luck!

Mohamed Zouioueche

Thank's for the tools they are awsome, i'm just asking myself if there is a video that shows how to use face emotions by breaking the symbol on the robot puppet…

Hi mate,

There is nothing special about the break-apart workflow. Head angles are just wrapped inside a common container to avoid symbol swapping. When you break apart you end up with one head container that has all facial features inside.
You run this in sync with your character timeline and change facial expressions when you need inside the head.

More information is available here and here.

hi, my name is Yazan
when I downloaded the rabbit they told me that it is not supported
what do i do

Hi Yazan,

All sample files are in AS2 format for compatibility with older versions of Flash.
Just click OK, when you see the message and then save with your current version of Animate. That is all.


These tools are great! Thanks for making them available.

You're most welcome, Stephen!
We're glad you found us 🙂

Amazing tools >> Thank you so much

Enjoy, Nadia! 🙂

Martin Douglass

My downlaod is not working and cannot get the plugin. Thoughts? I am on a new mac pro

Hi Martin,

This is very unusual and has never been reported before.
Could be something temporary with the server or something in your browser blocking the download.

I will send you an alternative download link via email in a moment.

[edit] Sent you an email.

I was wondering if you are planning to release a demo of the Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix character rig? I am attempting to do a similar character structure for a project and I was hoping to learn a thing or two about how you placed the parts to achieve what you did. Great work on these tools. I can't imagine using the app without these plug-ins anymore! - Paul

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the kind words!
We're really glad to hear that you enjoy using the tools.

Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix will be a part of our upcoming v.6 big IK release.
She will join the rest of our free-to-download Smart Magnet Rigs.
There is still some work to be done on the character and the release is a few months away.

What I can and will do now is I can take a few screen shots of the character as outlines and send them to you in an email.
Please, send me a short message to the address specified above the contact form and I will reply to it.

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