Flanimate Power Tools v.6.9 Standard (free) for Windows and Mac

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Please note: SMR Inverse Kinematics is available as a premium feature. Read more…

The software can be used for commercial productions and projects.
Installation instructions are available here.

Sample Files

File Type License for Flash 8‑CS6 for Animate
SMR MagneBot v3d.fla Character rig CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
SMR KineFox v2d.fla Character rig CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
SMR Rabbit v2e.fla Character rig CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
SMR Mademoiselle D v1h.fla Character rig CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
SMR FreeStyle RoboKit Character rig CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
Movie Template v3d.fla Template CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now
Storyboard Template CC BY-NC-SA Download Now Download Now

The character Flash builds above are designed to be used for test or educational purposes only.
Selling them or using them in commercial projects is strictly prohibited.


G'day, this is Simon From the college Nickolay teaches at.

I think it would be helpful in terms of conveying the use of the plugin if one of you screen recorded the process of animating a character using the tool while perhaps having a text cue that recorded the key strokes and displayed them at the bottom of the screen.

I found this site by accident but im glad i did. Thanks a ton this will really help me. Ill be coming back


I'm finally using your Flash Power Tools, and they're fantastic. Just one suggestion – put a "donate" button on your site! Or a Flattr button, or something. I like to support Free software, even if it's with just a few bucks.

Thanks, Simon, Raven, Cindy and Nina!

Your positive feedback is much appreciated!

We're now working on some more advanced and powerful tools for our next release, so stay tuned.

Wow, EDAP tools is an incredible find! So many scripts that speed up my animation workflow! It allows me to focus more on my animations, and less on the technical side of character rigs! Also, the developers respond to feedback/bugs immediately! Thank you so much for creating this package! I'll be sure to spread the word!

Thank you for your comment, Charlie!

The next release is scheduled for December – January.

Exciting new features coming with it!

You are the best! Keep up the good work. Try to use Flash Panels and a complete workflow with the adobe softwares (illustrator, flash, after effects, premiere). Flash is just a step in the process.


When the new release will come out?

Hi Lucas!

We are aiming at a December – January release date.

A lot of the work is already done, but there is still some more and then serious testing and writing of documentation.

Hi, just want to say what a great product this is. Also, I am having a lot of trouble getting the synchronize timeline tool to work. I feel like I am doing what it says, but when I select synchronize time line, over the multiple frames, nothing happens. Could you describe to me the process in precise detail, please. Thank you so much for releasing this. It's cut down on my workflow a ton.

Great job on the Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools – this is one complete set of tools that I use a lot for my flash animations.
I've tried a lot of individual plugins and they work well on their own but it's so good to have a solid base of components in one package.

Is there an update planned to work with flash CC?

Hi Brian,

Thank you for the positive feedback!

Our current CS5 release works perfectly fine with CS5.5 and CS6.

We haven't tried CC, but I will investigate in the next few days and will get back to you.

Hi again Brian,

We will include a ZXP package option for Creative Cloud users with our next release.

Until then users can convert the current version of EDAP Tools from MXP to ZXP via Extensions Manager CS6, downloadable from Adobe's website.

This is one of the most useful tools for flash animation.
Makes character animations a breeze.
The learning curve is pretty small, and once you get used to it – you can't live without it…at least in Flash 🙂

Very good work gents, thank you!

You're the best! Perfect Tools. Thanks!

Hello! I like your Electric Dog Flanimate Power Tools! Great job !
I am watching you with version 2.5. We are pleased to use your itstrumenty !!! Thank you so much !!!
Yes, please – to take a hot key Alt + x put a keyframe
only layer is not closed on the lock. And to this command does not work in layers, which are closed on the lock!
(Sorry, I am writing to Google translator)))))))

Hi Serg,

If I understand correctly you would like to exclude the locked layers from Alt+X keyframing.
With the current version (3.5) you can use '//no key' in your layer name and that will let you avoid adding keys to certain layers.

You can change the '//no key' suffix from EDAPT Control Panel if like.

If this is not what you're looking for, please, send me an email to
info at flash-powertools dot com
to better clarify the problem. Maybe include a file with an example.

Glad you like the tools!

Hi Before I go and use this wonderful tool in production. Will it be possible to upgrade to V4 mid production?
I must say stumbling across these flash powertools is awesome!! Tutorials are nice and clear too!

Hi Jeroon,

Glad you found us and welcome!

Short answer is 'yes'.

Switching from 3.5 to 4.0 will be literally a matter of a few clicks. All rigs will work while you will have richer SMR functionality with additional features for Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint as well as the new KineFlex.

We design and develop the tools with advanced users and industry professionals in mind. We understand how important version compatibility is and always take conservative approaches to UX.

This project has been in development since 2009–2010 with our first official release in 2011. In the last few years it has really matured and developed way beyond our humble initial goals. Our plans for v.5 are very exciting too.

Look around and if you like the experience, help spread the word.
Also never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you come across any difficulties.
We try to always support our releases with good documentation and with v.4 there will be videos accompanying each of the tools.


I was using your tools and was so happy about them!
Unfortunately in the latest Prerelease build CC19 (build M9) some of them stopped working. One important tool is Timeline Block To Symbol, which now just crashes Animate… Is there any chance there will be an update for this?

Hello Danas!

Glad to hear you like the tools!

It will be rushed and premature to try to write fixes before Adobe have a stable release of CC19.
These pre-release builds are not even alpha and they keep fiddling with all kinds of things all of the time, breaking transformation matrices, etc.

You may also realise that none of the CC19 new functionality (layer parenting, tagged swatches) is available to control via the API. We have tried to speak about this with the dev team in Bangalore with no results for now.

Best regards!

Professional tools for animation inside Flash/Animate.
Very useful and makes the workflow a breeze.
Saves a lot of time and the result is you get addicted, and cannot work without those tools.
Great work guys, keep it up.

Hi , since the first time I saw the demonstration , I am amazed with your works . This is the exact tools that I need . It's have lot's of powerful tools and functionality .

The only downside on my point is the breaking joints when tweening the rig . 

Eventhough I don't know how programming works , maybe it can be fixed with code that create motion tween and then adding a motion path relatively from parents magnet points maybe ?

Anyway great works .

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Flicker!

Have you checked out Clean Up?

Good luck with your work!

Thanks so much Nick for linking me to here from the Adobe animate forum , Your advice on the Adobe Forum and all the knowledge here will help me so much , I look forward to installing EDAP tools as soon as i am ready , it seems funny now that i thought i had to discover the correct file type for imports in Animate , when all i needed was an expert to tell me to create in Flash..


You are most welcome, John!

Hope you'll find useful information here that does not repeat what is available in other sources.
Have a look around and start with whatever seems most relevant or most interesting.
I post new articles infrequently, but somehow regularly whenever time permits. 

We are very busy working on the next version (5.0) of EDAP Tools which takes precedence over writing.

Always feel free to ask questions.

Best regards!

Thank you so much for these! I'm just starting to teach myself how to make cartoons in Flash and this looks like it will be incredibly helpful in the learning process.

You're most welcome, mate!

Since you're just starting check out the step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your characters for animation and also the fundamental article on Classic Tween workflow.

Good luck!

Mohamed Zouioueche

Thank's for the tools they are awsome, i'm just asking myself if there is a video that shows how to use face emotions by breaking the symbol on the robot puppet…

Hi mate,

There is nothing special about the break-apart workflow. Head angles are just wrapped inside a common container to avoid symbol swapping. When you break apart you end up with one head container that has all facial features inside.
You run this in sync with your character timeline and change facial expressions when you need inside the head.

More information is available here and here.

hi, my name is Yazan
when I downloaded the rabbit they told me that it is not supported
what do i do

Hi Yazan,

All sample files are in AS2 format for compatibility with older versions of Flash.
Just click OK, when you see the message and then save with your current version of Animate. That is all.


These tools are great! Thanks for making them available.

You're most welcome, Stephen!
We're glad you found us 🙂

Amazing tools >> Thank you so much

Enjoy, Nadia! 🙂

Thank you so much for your hard work!
I have been using EDAP Tools since v.3.
Never thought you would be able to outdo yourselves after KineFlex, but now I can't wait to try the Inverse Kinematics. Amazing!!
Thank you again!

The tools in v5.0 are amazing, and v6.0 is going to be even better, based on the previews being teased. I CAN NOT WAIT for the update! Thank you so much for making Animate Great Again! ?

I was wondering if you are planning to release a demo of the Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix character rig? I am attempting to do a similar character structure for a project and I was hoping to learn a thing or two about how you placed the parts to achieve what you did. Great work on these tools. I can't imagine using the app without these plug-ins anymore! – Paul

Hi Paul,

Thank you for the kind words!
We're really glad to hear that you enjoy using the tools.

Mademoiselle D'Edaptoix will be a part of our upcoming v.6 big IK release.
She will join the rest of our free-to-download Smart Magnet Rigs.
There is still some work to be done on the character and the release is a few months away.

What I can and will do now is I can take a few screen shots of the character as outlines and send them to you in an email.
Please, send me a short message to the address specified above the contact form and I will reply to it.

I have an old copy of Flash CS5. Have been working with Magnet Rigs for over two months now, but every now and then I stop and look at what I'm achieving with my CS5 in disbelief. You have brought new life to Flash! Thank you!

Hi Nick,

Thank you for the amazing tools you've created! I came upon your website by accident and what a lucky one was it! Ever since I come here every once in a while to drain some of the wisdom you shared 🙂 

I created several characters with your tools but when I decided to do a 360 view of one of the characters I got stuck! I created the profile pose first and then I started to do the rest. How do you manage the center points and the magnet targets for the new poses? Do you create them from scratch or you use the ones created for the first pose? I studied the Magnebot you have created but still, I can't get it. Can you give m a quick brief of what your process is of making a 360 view of a character or even better if there is a tutorial on how to make a 360 view with the SMR would be great!

Thanks once again for the great work! I can't wait for the v.6 to come out!

I will quote Paul Ruda here: "I can't imagine using the app without these plug-ins anymore!"


Hi Yaz,

We're really glad you found us!
Thank you for the kind words!

I know it's a little tricky to figure out how exactly to approach rigging a full turnaround.
I should do a proper tutorial about this, but it is a lot of work and we are so busy with the tools' development that I never seem to get enough time to think and organize it. Most likely it will happen one day, but it may be a year or two from now…

So I will try to answer your questions here.

It got a little too long, so I'll put it in a toggle box 🙂

How to make sure your multiple views are part of the same SM Rig

In Smart Magnet Rigs, metadata (SMR info) is written in two places – the symbol instances (Keyframes) and the Magnet Targets. So it is important to consider this when making decisions how to maintain this invisible information across all elements of your different views, i.e. how all upper arms angles, for example, to snap to the correct MT to all upper torso angles.
"Roll Over Rig info" and "Edit Magnet Targets" in the hamburger menu of the SMR panel (we are making these two more prominent as buttons in SMR Helpers in v.6) allow to transfer or edit SMR info.
The former works with symbol instances, the latter – with the metadata of Magnet Targets. They are handy if you need to quickly fix an issue, but it will be more practical to avoid issues in the first place.

How to approach building your views, would probably be determined by the design and intended usage in animation.

I prefer to nest as much as I can in the same container, so – if we take the MagneBot as an example – all upper torso angles are frames inside a universal Torso symbol. This allows easy switching between views. But the same can be achieved if they were separate and we swap one symbol with another on the timeline.

Since in turnarounds joints are horizontally aligned, there should be no problems with where the Reg Points of elements are.
You do one angle – I'd probably start with the 3/4, because it is what is usually the most frequently used – and then create a Keyframe to the right and use it as the basis for the next view, for example profile.
For the head I will go Duplicate Symbol and then work within the duplicate; for the torso and neck I probably will prefer to to add a frame inside each of them. It can be the second frame, or it can be with some offset, if later you intend to add in-betweens to be able to have a smooth transition between 3/4 and profile.
On this other keyframe I will do the clean up for the side view and will copy the MTs from the 3/4 views and position them where the shoulder joints should be. This will ensure that the arms will snap correctly.
For the arms, I might want to create duplicates, the way I did with the head. When you use Duplicate Symbol, the SMR info of the original instance will be retained and the MT is already present from your original symbol, so the new 'side view' arms will snap to both the 3/4 and profile views of the torso.
Whether you would choose to have separate symbols, i.e. duplicates, or frames inside the existing ones is determined by the nature of your design and preferences.
All hands and feet should always be in just one container for the hand and, respectively, the foot.

This is really all that is to it.
You create one view and then you base all your other views on it.
You can work on the same timeline and then separate the views or you can duplicate the container and work on one view only in each container.

You can even take a different approach. Copy/pasting the MTs from existing rigged elements of one view into the new symbols of a new view – for example the hip joint MTs from the 3/4 pelvis to the side view pelvis.
On the outside you can paste the keyframes from your originally rigged view, select them and execute Roll Over Rig Info. The command will transfer the instances' metadata over to your new instances and again you will have a fully functional SM Rig, with interchangeable body parts and showing different angles/views.

I hope all this makes sense!

If anything is unclear, please, ask and I will try to explain better.

Best regards!

[Edit: May 2022] Rigging full turnarounds is now discussed in detail in this article.

Thank you Nick for taking the time to write such a detailed explanation!
I will do some tests and I will let you know if some more clarity is needed!

Keep on going with the good work!


Superb work, Adobe's Animate dev team could learn a lot from you guys.

EDAP V6 Release date ?

Please, follow us on Facebook and YouTube or keep an eye on this site for the announcement when v.6 is released.

Is there a way to stop the Output panel from opening every time I open Flash after installing? It's getting quite annoying

1. Go to Commands > EDAPT Control Panel > Miscellaneous and from the drop-down Display in Output Panel choose either Errors only or None.
2. Float the Output Panel and click on the Collapse to icons button in the upper right corner.

Leave the panel icon floating somewhere and make sure that Auto-Collapse Icon Panels option in Edit > Preferences is active.

until now still waiting for version 6.0

No need to post multiple times the same, Yoga.
I've already replied to you the first time.

keep the spirit for version 6.0

While executing install uninstall EDapt . Jsfl, the following error occurred:
At line 155 0f file "setup.jstl".
Error occurred: creation of dailog box cantrol failed ..
Help me this was pop up in my window while installing

Please, do a screen recording of the failed installation and post a link to the video.
Also include your version of Flash / Animate, version of OS, screen resolution and number of displays.

I can't install the smr tool in adobe 2021? Please help

Please, be more specific about what fails and where.
Ideally, do a screen recording and post a link to the video, so that we can see the problem and try to help.

Hi there, this toolset is amazing. Diving in to understand rigging as built by professionals! Thanks for the endeavour. 

Quick question, I can't open demo source files (eg Mademoiselle D) in latest Adobe Animate (version 22.0). Is there an older version of Animate I should roll back to ? Thanks!

"An error occurred opening the file…"

Hi Sam,
Thank you for the kind words!
We hope that you will enjoy the experience!

EDIT: It seems that there is a problem specific to the mac version of AA22. The files do not open with the error quoted. They open fine in AA 21 and in AA22 on Windows also.

Thank you for letting us know!

EDIT2: As a temporary solution I packed the sample rigs in AA22 format into a ZIP and added them at the bottom of the table.

These should open fine on the mac.

Hope this helps!

EDIT3 (May 2022) This has been finally fixed in Animate 22.0.6 for Mac.

Hi, looks good to me, I need to dig in but just wanted to know if this will work in animate 2022 version, i mean the current version?

Hi i downloaded it,it works great.but i cant find the ik effectors in the helpers panel.

SMR IK is part of EDAP Tools Premium.
You can read more about it here:

Thank you so much

I recently purchased Flash powertools and I am very appreciative for you doing this! I'm curious if you have any video where you build out a character (with outlines) from scratch and then rig ? I'm hard a rough time figuring out how to exactly make the patching work. Thank you in advance!

Hi Aaron,

Please, look here and here.

However, I would suggest you get very comfortable designing and rigging characters without outlines first.

(Also sent you an email.)

Hi Nick,

I'm honestly so excited to work on my projects in Adobe Animate more than ever, and all thanks to you guys for developing such an amazing plugin. I've had this sheer animosity towards the software for multiple reasons, that I ended up procrastinating my works, The biggest reason would be during character animation, which has taken me to lengths of frustration. Today, after months of failed attempts, I found your work to be the silver lining to all my problems. I just came across your website after watching YT tutorials of one of your most loyal patrons Chris Georgenes and Rig Theory, a much more thanks for them as well. 

Well here's the thing, I installed the EDAPT Setup v. zip and followed the instructions as it is during the process, but after all the installation and restarting the animate software, I wasn't able to open the SMR Helpers panel, but the rest of the panels and tools that come with the extension seem to be working fine. The error is as follows:

Unknown or missing info.
A JavaScript error occurred.
At line 178 of file "EDAPT Loader.jsfl":
TypeError: d is undefined


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, but nothing seemed to make it work. I have gone through a similar Q&A on the respective issue on your webpage, where you suggested reinstalling or resetting Windows, which I only want to consider as my last resort.

If you could possibly help me out in any other way in solving the issue, that would be of great help. I might as well need the solution to be less complicated and detailed, as I tend to make rookie mistakes along the way.

Thank you for your time, I highly appreciate the work you and your team is doing. and please do reply, as it means a lot to me.

Hi Zacardious,

This is very unfortunate, but as you have read in the Q & A thread, it is the manifestation of an initialization error, which is caused by the system itself and is external to EDAP Tools and/or Animate.
The occurrence of this issue, according to our estimations, is rarer than 1 in 5 000. 

The only things that you can try are Windows reset or clean install; then add Animate and EDAP Tools first. If the SMR Helpers initialize as expected, you can keep adding your other programs and monitoring the situation. If the problem reappears, you will now have some idea which piece of 3rd party software is causing it.

Please, keep in mind that there is no guarantee that a reset will work as the cause is unknown.

I will suggest, if you decide to go down that path, to image your system first. This will allow you to return to its current state very easily, if the reset does not solve the EDAPT initialization error.

In the mean time, you can try installing the tools on another computer, if you have access to such, just to test.

Good luck!

Thank you for your genuine reply ☺️. It is quite unfortunate that I get the rare occurrence, but on the bright side, maybe if your solutions work for me. Then it could be helpful for others who are going through the same issue. 

Thanks again. I'll get back with the result. 

Kudos to the team .

Hey Nick!

I was wondering if i could get the older version of the EDAPT extension by any chance. So, that i could try and see if that works with the animate 2022

Hi Zacardious,

We do not provide old versions of our tools.

Hi Nick,

Wow, first off, hands down to you and your team because you guys are incredible. Thanks for responding on first notice, and clarifying all my queries with a hands-on approach. I backed up all of my required files and software into the cloud and reset the PC with the "keep my files" option as you had suggested, and after the resetting was done, which took a long time, I first installed Animate, re-downloaded the EDAPT pack, and proceeded with the installation of the tool. The moment it got installed. I opened the "SMR Helpers." panel, and guess what, It works! hahaha. 

I also want to let others who are facing the same issue know that, this reset won't erase your files in your internal hard drives, but the software and programs you have installed. Ohh, and if you have the previous Adobe Animate file in your program files, which is located in the C drive after the reset, delete it so that when you install Animate once again, those files (previous version's) don't get in the way. Just a little suggestion. 

All the best to the team! I look forward to seeing more amazing plugins from you in the future. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you for reporting back, Zacardious!

This will be very useful for others who may experience the same initialization error.

We are very glad to hear that the problem was resolved via the least destructive reset option.

Now, if you are just starting with Smart Magnet Rigs, here is a brief introduction, which should give you a good idea how to approach it.

Good luck with your journey!

Hi Nick,
Please add a renaming function to the EDAPT extension, so that people who do not understand English can change the name of the tool to a language they are familiar with, which is convenient to use, thank you!

Hi Jack,
Thank you very much for the comment and the suggestion!

Unfortunately, the scale and scope of this project does not allow allocation of time or resources for multi-lingual development and support.
I'm sorry to bring this news, but it is very unlikely that there will ever be any versions of EDAP Tools in languages other than English.

Best regards!

Sonu Raghuwanshi

I have purchased your premium tool, my English is a bad, so I am translating and writing the message. When you launch the updated version, you will have to pay a separate premium for it or it will be updated in it.

Hi Sonu,
Yes, your License Key is perpetual for EDAPT Premium v.6. You can use v.6 indefinitely.
When we release v.7 Premium, it will be a new product and if you want to use it, you will need to buy a v.7 License for that.
Existing v.6 Premium users will get a discount when purchasing v.7 Premium licenses.

All this information has always been available here:

Hello, may I ask when the next version update will be

The release of the next major version, EDAP Tools v.7, will most likely happen before the end of this year.
Follow our various social media accounts to not miss the announcements.

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