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Interview for the Adobe blog : Nickolay Tilcheff

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I was recently interviewed for the Adobe blog.

The conversation revolved mostly around EDAP Tools, our motivation to start the project and my use of Flash/Animate as a professional tool of choice, but I also touched upon some topics about my early interest in cartoons, how Vlad and I met and the history of the first incarnation of Electric Dog back in the twentieth century. Read more
Have you experienced this:
Flash crashes and when you reopen your file some Shape Tweens are completely broken. Then thinking you have a backup, you open an older version of the same file which was not involved in the crash in any way, but the same tweens appear to be broken there as well. Read more

Below is a list of undoc­u­ment­ed (at the time of post­ing) bugs and quirks found in var­i­ous ver­sions of Flash. We shall keep updat­ing this arti­cle when we come across more pecu­liar­i­ties. JSFL per­for­mance in AS2 vs. AS3 doc­u­ments (Flash CS3 Read more

Edit: 17 Aug 2015. With the release of EDAP Tools v.3 this arti­cle is now obso­lete. We have switched to our own install script and are now inde­pen­dent from Exten­sions Man­ag­er and Adobe’s mood swings. Have you sud­den­ly dis­cov­ered that all Read more