David Jablonski

Electric Dog Flash power tools really make Flash work so much friendlier than Adobe thought it should. It really solves so many of Flash's symbol short comings. Smart transform and the magnet rigs really speed up the animation process, and I know for a fact I couldn't have hit a few deadlines without these swell tools. It wasn't too hard to learn and the personal help I got when I couldn't get things to work was amazing. I just updated to Flash CC on a new computer without the EDAPT plug in and I only made it about an hour using plain old Flash before I had to stop, and get these power tools set up. Once you use these tools, you will not want to go back. And they're Free! Stop swearing at Flash and use it the way it was meant to be used. I'm a total cheapwad and even I had to donate a couple bucks because of all this product has done for me. Check it out!