Common mistakes while setting up Smart Magnet Rigs

Update: 11 Sept 2021
With the release of EDAP Tools v.6.0.0 FreeStyle Rigging is our preferred method.
All information and techniques described below still apply, but it will be worth checking the information on FreeStyle Rigging first.

Below are a couple of videos which may be helpful to new EDAP Tools users

They are likely to display common difficulties that first-time Smart Magnet Riggers face.

In these videos we look into files sent to us by users, analyze what went wrong and walk them through the process how to fix it to obtain a fully-functional Smart Magnet Rig.

Registration of Symbols, Registration vs. Transformation Point

Proper placement of Magnet Targets and Center Markers inside Symbols

Further information on the topic: Smart Magnet Rigs, Create Center Marker or Magnet Target

Too many Magnet Targets per element

Further information on the topic: FreeStyle rigging with Kineflex

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