Convert To Keyframe Advanced


Converts selected frames to Keyframes. Feature-rich complete replacement of the standard [ F6 ] (Convert to Keyframes) behavior. Preserves simple and custom easing in Classic Tweens when Keyframes are created in the middle of an existing Tween.
Preserves Smart Magnet Rig metadata in all versions of Animate which have a critical bug – 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Read more…

1. Standard mode X:

  • Frames in Layers. When frames are selected in the Timeline X will convert them to Keyframes. This completely replicates Flash's default behavior.
  • Frames in Folders. When there is a frame(s) selection in a Folder layer all frames in all nested layers will be converted to Keyframes. Adding __nokey (two underscores and then 'nokey' without spaces) to a layer's name will exclude it from being 'keyed' during multiple-layer operation.
  • Preserving Easing. If simple or custom easing has been applied to a Tween the command will split the tween preserving the dynamics of motion on both sides. 

2. Extreme mode Alt+X

  • Nothing selected. When there is no frame selection pressing Alt+X will create Keyframes in all layers at current frame. Adding __nokey (two underscores and then 'nokey' without spaces) to a layer's name will exclude it from being 'keyed' during multiple-layer operation.
  • Inside a Folder. If frame(s) are selected and these frames belong to layers, nested within a folder, all frames above and below the currently selected frames will be converted to Keyframes. This conversion will be restrained within the folder.

Suggested use

Character animation. When layers are grouped in folders, Keyframes for the whole folder are easily created by selecting only one frame in the folder layer X or expanding the selection from within Alt+X. When there are no folders Alt+X allows for creation of Keyframes through the entire Timeline without the need of selection.

Refining motion by adding breakdown poses and getting instant overlapping action. Allows to insert Keyframe(s) in the middle of a Classic Tween, preserving Easing. Better control over timing and secondary action. An easy way to add secondary movement and organic feel to digital cutouts.

Where does it work?


EDAP Tools shortcut

X (standard mode); Alt+X (extreme mode)


Recursive keyframing can be turned off in EDAPT Control Panel or Quick Settings F12. When ON layers in nested subfolders are also processed. When OFF the script skips nested folders and their content. (Watch the video below for examples.)

Protecting specific layers. Adding '__nokey' to a layer's name will exclude it from being 'keyed' during a multiple layer action. If the layer is directly selected and X pressed, keys will still be created.
The suffix can be customized in EDAPT Control Panel or Quick Settings F12.
Optionally, Locked layers can also be excluded from the range of operation of the command.
Customization of keyframing behavior is available in EDAPT Control Panel and Quick Settings F12.

Video demonstration

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

This command is part of the Flanimate Power Tools package. Get the latest version from Downloads.

Thank you for this wonderful Flash plugin,

I'm using the Adobe Flash Professional CC. I got this error message like this "Error: setPersistentData: Element does not support persistent data." everytime I apply F6 on Locked Layer. Is it normal? Sometimes I got this error message popup a lot in my project everytime I apply Alt+F6, which kinda disturb me in my work. Is there workaround for this if possible? Like, have an option to skip the Locked Layer when apply Con­vert To Keyframes Advanced.

Thank you.

Hi Fendi,

Thank you for reporting this bug!
We will look into the issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

Please, file a proper bug report via this link:

Best regards!

why i cant key all layer when i press alt+X using CS6 currently

Why is a wonderful question!
Have you loaded the EDAPT shortcuts?

ok thankz 🙂

This is for enble classic tween for poses? When i try to tween 2 keyframes (using freestyle rigging) it just move the hole character and don´t tween the poses. (i am a spanish Speaker ._.)

To be able to tween elements, you need to have one symbol on a layer. This is how Flash works.

To start with SMR, look here.

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