EDAP Tools v. released

The Electric Dog team is proud to introduce Electric Dog Flash Animation Power Tools v.

This is a major stable release. 

Change log

  • 21 Convert To Keyframe Advanced now preserves simple and custom easing in existing Classic Tweens.
    When Keyframe(s) are created in the middle of an existing Classic Tween which has some form of easing applied to it, the dynamics of movement is preserved to left and right of the new keyframes.
    Read more about Convert To Keyframe Advanced.
  • Two new commands: 14 Smart Transform Point CW and 15 Smart Transform Point CCW,
    replace the discontinued 14 Record Parent Reg Point and 15 Set Selection Pivot To Parent Reg Point.
    These new commands are a more powerful, fast and flexible solution to the problem of quickly and precisely positioning of the Transformation point of multiple selected symbols where the animator needs it.
    Read more about Smart Transform Point CW / CCW.
  • Minor bug fixes

It is highly recommended that all users upgrade to take advantage of the latest changes.

Download the latest version from the Downloads page