First look into some new features coming to EDAPT v.5


We've been very busy working on EDAP Tools v.5 and there will be a lot of new and exciting features coming with the new release.

While the release is still a few months away, we are very excited to share with our users two new ways of SM rigging:

  • Auto-rig
  • FreeStyle rigging, using the KineFlex tool in rigging mode

Enjoy the sneak peak into EDAPT 5.0 below!

All our videos are 1080p. If for some reason full HD is not available here, try watching them on YouTube.

Stay tuned.
A lot more cool new features and tools are on their way to you!



Do you have any dates for the launch of this new tool?

Hi Willi,

Thanks for stopping by!

We're still wrapping things up and testing v.5.0.
At this stage I'd say in roughly about 3 months time, but it can take longer if we run into unexpected problems.
When we know more, we'll post again.

A lot of cool new features coming to EDAPT v.5 so stay tuned!

(You can download v.4.0.2 now and get all the available SMR functionality)

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