Smart Magnet Rigs in Flash CC / Animate CC

edit: 5 April 2019. The issue described below was finally fixed in Adobe Animate CC 2019.2, released on 3 April 2019. If you have Animate CC 2019.2 or newer you should be able to use the default Convert to keyframes, Break Apart and drag in the Timeline to create keys without losing SMR functionality.

Adobe Flash Professional CC (called Adobe Animate CC as of February 2016) is the first 64-bit version of Flash and according to Adobe it had to be re-written from scratch. This, again according to Adobe, required some features to be dropped – the useless stuff that they were introducing and selling for millions over the last 5–6 years as innovative bones, symbol sprays (Deco tool), TLF text and the amazing (!) motion editor are gone. They are selling the removal of these features now – lightness and speed. What a relief!

The list of dropped features is endless and is well worth looking at. They have also shuffled their folder structure around and changed the Extensions Manager file format which pushed us to make drastic changes to our method of installation.

The problem

Animate CC (versions 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019.0, 2019.1) has at least one new critical bug which required a workaround for the Smart Magnet Rigs to function.
As explained in the article on Smart Magnet Rigging, Symbol instances are being assigned metadata IDs via the SMR Panel. These IDs enable the use of Smart Transform, Smart Magnet Joint, KineFlex and so on.
In Animate CC when you use the default Convert to Keyframe or Insert Keyframe [ F6 ] functionality the metadata is wiped out.

The solution

To be able to use Smart Magnet Rigs in Animate CC (versions 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019.0, 2019.1) you need to switch to Convert To Keyframe Advanced completely. The easiest way would be to load the EDAPT Shortcuts or re-assign [ F6 ] and [ Alt+F6 ] to this command.
All older versions of Flash retain the metadata between keys just fine.

The above also applies to the use of Smart Graphic Control panel, introduced with v.4.0 of EDAP Tools.


Bone tool is back on Flash CC 2015, amazing such a useless tool, at least to me, what is Adobe doing with Flash?, anyway I have switched to Toon Boom Harmony a long time ago, I just do some simple and small projects on Flash and Smart Magnet is a wonderful tool!, thank you.

But Toomboom sucks. Flash is friendly and sweet.

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