The EDAP Tools Storyboard template (free download)

Symbols allow some elegant solutions to everyday problems.
More and more people tend to do storyboarding digitally and, of course, there are professional programs targeting professional board artists.

Here is a storyboard template I designed in Flash for everyone who doesn't mind using Flash's drawing tools.
It is structured in a way that you can draw your panels inside a panel container, using the onion skinning and layers, very much like as if you are working on a traditional lightbox.

These panels automatically appear in pages that have A4 proportion and can be exported for 300dpi prints.

Then the storyboard can be converted to animatic in (literally) 5 clicks!

All instructions are inside the FLA file. If that sounds interesting, give it a go.

Download EDAPT Storyboard Template from the Downloads page

Ah, great make! This will really come in handy, thank you guys so much for taking the time to design such a marvel!

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